As we know, R. A. Kartini is one of the role models of Indonesian people in fighting for women’s rights. Because at the time of R. A. Kartini, you could say the role of women is very limited. It is difficult for women to get high education and employment. But today, we can all access knowledge and work according to the passion we have, including being a woman businessman a.k.a womenpreneur. Even though we can have many choices to work, we still need to emulate Kartini’s figure like the following 5 traits that we can apply as womenpreneur!
1. Having broad perspective and  being diligent
In the past, namely during the R.A. Kartini era, education was a very rare thing to do for women, especially if someone does not have high social status. However, R.A. Kartini did not give up easily to enrich herself by learning various sciences, both through books and various newspapers. For Kartini, the limitation to get an education is not an obstacle for someone to continue working. So as a business woman, we also need to be open and diligent about the business that we run.
2. Be generous and want to empower others
Kartini is a figure who has an educator spirit so she is very happy to share the knowledge she has with others. Some of them are like reading, writing, cooking, and sewing. This is done because Kartini believes that every woman has the same rights as men, both in terms of work, getting education, and expressing opinions. As a business woman, you also have to share your knowledge and experience with your business partners. This will help you and your business partners to continue to grow.
3. Courageous and optimistic
Being a woman fighting for equality is not easy, especially during Kartini’s time. Kartini’s view at that time was certainly opposed by the community because they assumed that a woman could not go out of the house, study, let alone achieve the ideals she wanted. However, Kartini still dared to open a special place that could be a place to share knowledge with women and children. She believes that the things she does have a big influence on the future. To imitate the nature of Kartini, we as women entrepreneurs need to innovate in the products and services we provide.
4. Do not depend on others
When Kartini was secluded, she did not remain silent, but looked for ways so that she could still contribute to the people around her. In addition, Kartini also learned to write letters and share experiences with her questioning friends. This made it possible for her to build the first girls’ school in Java. So, how do we become business people who are not dependent on others? As women entrepreneurs, we basically cannot work alone. However, we can still be independent businesses, from being able to complete our responsibilities to making decisions in urgent situations.
Everyone has the right to fight for her dreams, including business women. There will always be challenges, but we must not make them an excuse to easily give up on things that we have dreamed about. Every problem has a solution, like Cashlez which is a business and payment solution today. By using Cashlez, you can have cashier application access free of subscription fees as well as sales report features that are recorded in real time.


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