Digitalization in business is increasingly being used to improve the quality of products and services. So, do not be surprised if the digital-based business is predicted to experience rapid increase. So, what types of digital businesses will grow in 2020? Here are the reviews!


  1. Software Creator

Those of you who provide software manufacturing services are predicted to continue to be able to develop your business in 2020. This is due to the rapid development of technology as well as community trends that are never separated from technology in their daily lives. To run this business, you certainly must have expertise, both in the field of application software and other software.


  1. Publisher

A publisher will provide services in the form of advertising space for clients who want to advertise. One of the best publisher networks today is Google. This is because Google provides a place to advertise so that we can advertise on that space through the Adsense program for websites or blogs, and Google AdMob.


  1. Professional bloggers

If you want to succeed in digital business by 2020, becoming a professional blogger can be an option. Of course, not a few business actors who carry out this field. But if you already have a good knowledge base, you certainly can get past the competition and pursue your business as a professional blogger who introduces your client’s products to digital media.


  1. Online professional services

Do you have certain abilities? Don’t hesitate to advertise through online platforms, such as website creation services, professional article creation, graphic design, translators, online tutors, to other services that provide promising benefits. Even if you don’t get out of the house, you can still make a satisfying income.


  1. Selling cosmetic products via online

As one of the most important products for most women, cosmetics are potential products that you can market online. Start to become a reseller or dropshipper and make your own online cosmetics shop. If possible, provide a variety of cosmetics so that your customer can shop for all the cosmetics he needs directly.


2020 is the right year to grow your business digitally. So are you ready?


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