Since early July 2021, the government has imposed PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities) in certain areas in Indonesia. Of course, this makes business actors have to adjust their way of doing business, starting from providing a delivery system, digital payment system, to holding promotions to increase sales. As an inspiration for you, here are some promotional ideas that you can try during PPKM!


1. Flash sale

The opportunity to spend sparingly but must be done quickly is one of the common strategies for conducting sales promotions. Of course, you yourself also often hear offers like "only valid until today" or "only valid until this week"? Therefore, you can also apply flash sales to your business so that you can bring in more potential customers while increasing sales. The duration of a flash sale in general can last from a few hours to a day.


2. Giving gifts instantly

If you had to choose between a 33% discount for one product item and a 50% discount for two product items, which one would you choose? Basically, the discount amount is the same! However, not everyone is aware of this. However, we all know how attractive something free like an instant gift can be. Therefore, you can also try to give direct gifts to customers for purchasing certain products, for example, such as newly launched products or purchases with a certain nominal.


3. Purchase coupons or discounts

After the customer makes a purchase in a certain amount, offer a coupon or gift card to the customer. That way, they can have another chance to shop with attractive promos at your place of business. From the business side, this promotion is also very helpful to make sales smoother. So before giving coupons and purchase discounts, don’t forget to calculate the profit margin that you can get. Well, if you are unsure whether to use the promotion in the form of a rupiah discount or a percentage, use the "Rule of 100". If for example the price of the product is more than Rp. 100,000, you should use a discount in rupiah. But if the price is below 100,000, use a discount in the form of a percentage.


4. Tripwire

Have you ever heard of this term? So, in marketing, tripwire is a promotional strategy that divides categories of potential customers based on their respective interests. After that, business actors will offer their products at affordable prices and furthermore, business actors will do up-selling for customers who have purchased their products and services. Basically, this tripwire strategy has been known for a long time, before the emergence of the digital era that relies on the internet. The goal is none other than to introduce your products and services to customers so that you can earn their trust.


5. Recurring sale

Basically, customer interest in the promo that you are offering now is also influenced by the way you offered the promo in the previous period. For example, you hold a discount promo as a form of your business anniversary. Then, you hold a similar promo every mid-year. When you create recurring promos, such as seasonal promos, monthly promos, or anniversary promos, customers will be more interested in buying. Meanwhile, from a business perspective, implementing promos like this helps you to compare sales results from different periods.


Attracting customers’ hearts does take a lot of effort, from offering new products, promotions, to improving service quality. However, it’s all for customer satisfaction, right?


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