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Offering products to the right prospects is one of the most effective ways you can increase sales. For this reason, before making an offer, you must first know what kind of target customers you want to reach. If, for example, you want to focus on demographic aspects, namely through offering products to customers around you, then you can use a local promotion strategy.


Business actors who focus on promoting their business locally can improve their business reputation online. You see, customers in the vicinity who have already shopped can give recommendations to the people closest to them. So, to increase local promotion for businesses, what are some things we can do? Find out the answer through the following review!

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1. Register your business on a directory or website


Today, many potential customers are looking for references from the internet. So, you can use directories or websites to register your business so that potential customers can easily find it. There, you can provide your business location, telephone number, and the types of products provided. This site is important for SEO making it easier for customers to find your business.


2. Organize events for the local community


Business actors who want to promote their business among the surrounding community can hold events. So, first you need to invite people who live around the place of business. Then, during the event, you can include information about the products and services you provide, for example a notification that you provide a payment gateway service that makes cashless transactions easier. Meanwhile, the form of the event can vary, for example media conferences or training related to the products being sold.

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3. Attend business-related events


Apart from holding events for the local community, you can also actively participate in events related to your business. Through your participation, you can connect with other businesses while opening up opportunities for collaboration. Keep in mind that even if you don’t find events related to your business, you can still have meetings with other business actors on non-formal occasions.


4. Join the local community


As a business actor who wants to increase brand awareness in the surrounding community, it’s a good idea for you to also participate in the communities around you. The community where you join will play an important role in expanding networking and meeting potential customers and potential business partners. Apart from that, you can also ask people you know to refer your business to other potential customers. In fact, it’s not impossible for you to collaborate with the local community, for example by presenting a new product or hiring community members.


5. Contribute to community activities


Apart from participating in events held by the local community, you can also participate through activities as a volunteer or sponsor. This will make people around you recognize your brand. Apart from that, indirectly you have also built a positive image. Moreover, this opportunity will also make you show that your business presence has an important impact on society. Therefore, people will also be interested in recognizing the business that you are building.


Promotion locally is one of the right choices for businesses who want to increase their conversion and sales numbers. Of course, this local promotion must reach the right target customers. In addition, the promotions provided also need to be varied, both from product and service aspects.

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