In the early years of building a business, business people will face different challenges. You may also have experienced a very difficult situation in business. So, what are the challenges that are most often experienced by entrepreneurs? Let’s see the following explanation!


1. Build brand awareness

You aim to offer your products to the appropriate target customers. However, if potential customers don’t know anything about your business, how are they likely to buy the products you sell? Hence, it is necessary to make an effort first to introduce your business to them so that they can understand your business. This effort is known as branding. Well, in branding, you are not just introducing a business, but also building a reputation so that the level of customer trust will increase.


2. Find potential customers

You could say, finding customers is a challenging task for every business person. You see, at this stage you will jump right into offering products that you have previously prepared. And of course, to attract customers, you have to make a lot of efforts, such as providing promotions, finding potential customers that match your target, and providing social media and websites so that they can be reached online. Well, the challenge of finding customers is not only experienced by SMEs. You see, business actors on a large scale too! They don’t just sit and wait for potential customers.


3. Recruiting talented people

Who says business success is only influenced by the sales? You also have to pay attention to the overall performance of the team. Through good cooperation, of course, your business can achieve the expected target. However, recruiting talented team members is not easy. You must really understand what criteria you need so that you can determine who you will recruit. Therefore, your efforts to do branding are also important in terms of recruitment. The more you are known, the more potential team members will be interested in joining.


4. Financial planning

It is undeniable, financial affairs can be one of the most challenging things in doing business. Therefore, you also have to be careful and distinguish between personal needs and business needs. In addition, you also have to have priorities because you can’t do everything at once. Through the cashflow summary feature of Premium POS Cashlez, you can find out what your expected business income will be an evaluation of business performance. That way, you will know what strategy you need to prepare next.


5. Make customers feel happy

During this time, you may think that customer satisfaction is a good business goal. However, it is the pleasure of the customer that you should prioritize more. This pleasure can arise when they have positive experiences with service quality. For example, during this pandemic, you provide contactless payments from Cashlez so customers can make payments without any physical contact, which increases the risk of virus transmission. In order for your customers to feel happy, you must first understand them.


6. Manage business operations

As a leader, you are not only challenged to recruit the right people, but also manage your business operations. Of course, you want the whole process to run efficiently and all team members to work optimally, right? But on the other hand, you may not always have time to directly monitor the place of business. This is what will challenge you to find out, how to manage your business so that it can operate properly. Well, the good news is, for transaction reports, you can rely on Cashlez which has the Cashlez Reporting feature. Without having to manually request a sales report, all transactions will be recorded automatically in your sales dashboard. Team members can also save time for other activities.


The emergence of various challenges in business is totally normal. The important thing is that you can identify and prepare a plan to overcome these challenges.



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