Having skills and intuition in doing business is very important for business owners. As we know, in order to run smoothly, a business must be managed effectively. However, just having business intuition is not enough. To achieve success, other skills are also needed. Even though they look simple and do not directly relate to the business, entrepreneurs must also practice the following 6 skills.
  1. Willing to listen
Willingness to hear and understand other people’s opinions can be your opportunity to learn and improve. Unfortunately, there are still many people who only listen to respond, not listen to understand. This is also what is often experienced by business owners. They are trapped in maintaining their own ego. When in fact, regardless of who you talk to, the most important thing is what you can get from their advice.
  1. Seek help from others
Many entrepreneurs start their business by themselves so they get used to doing things without the help of other people. However, to be able to expand, you have to be brave to seek help from other people. When for example you want to explore the products you can offer to customers, you can rely on the Cashlez App, which can accept various non-cash payments automatically. So, you can have additional time to research the ongoing products.
  1. Manage stress
In face, living everyday as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster, because there are various unexpected things that will be faced. Long working hours, financial pressure, or a situation where you have to make a decision immediately can be the main reasons you experience burn out. Therefore, make sure you can train your ability to manage stress, for example through yoga and meditation exercises. Keep in mind, you should practice stress management skills from the start, not wait until the problem to arise.
  1. Focus
As previously explained, you who decide to be a business owner must enable yourself to do many things. However, also make sure you focus on do everything you do in order to get the maximum results. Especially when you are thinking about new interesting ideas that can be applied. Regardless now exciting and challenging they are, don’t let these ideas interfere with your priorities or make you miss opportunities.
  1. Be yourself
Every business actor has a different mindset from one another. Not surprisingly, the business strategy that is carried out will also vary. This mindset will also bring privileges to your products and services. Basically, there are many ways you can be yourself, for example when you convey your business values which aim to support local business actors or support nature conservation by using environmentally friendly raw materials. By being yourself, you can show your consistency and inspire customers.
  1. Be able to say "no"
Some people who are just starting to run a business often say "yes" so that their business can grow quickly. In fact, not all things you can do! You have to carefully consider which things you can accept and which things you must reject. Indeed, the decisions you make affect not only the short term, but also the long term. Even though your refusal will upset the other person at first, saying nothing will do you any good!
Running a profession as a business actor is not as easy as many people think. However, as long as we keep going, there will certainly be many lessons we can take to achieve success.
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