Crafts is one of the promising business opportunities because the customers are quite diverse. In addition, handicrafts are not only sought by consumers from within the country. Many tourists are interested in collecting handicraft items from Indonesia. So, what opportunities do you get in the creative industry? Here are the answers!

1. Decorative lanterns
Lanterns can be made as one of the room decorations or decorations on certain occasions. Therefore, you who have the expertise and passion in making decorative lanterns can try this one opportunity. Decorative lanterns you can make from used materials, paralones, or pipes. For lantern design, you can implement a custom system so that customers can determine their own shape and color of the lantern they like.

2. Mural
Crafts such as murals can also be promising creative business opportunities. Moreover, not just anyone can make a satisfying mural. It takes people who are experts and require the technique of making murals in various places, such as in cafes, homes, offices, and other public places. Now, besides offering mural services, you can also look for other opportunities such as people who are interested in learning to make murals.

3. Flannelette Handicraft Business
Who does not know flannel? This one cloth is often made as material for making crafts. There are many creations that you can make, many like key chains, tissue holders, and brooches. Not only that, you can also make a busy book that many mothers look for to increase their creativity. While at graduation, you can make a bouquet of flowers using this fabric using various colors and attractive shapes.

4. Character pillow
You can get business ideas in the creative industry sector from anywhere. As long as you continue to hone your creativity, there will definitely be a unique high-value product that you can produce. For example like a pillow shaped box, now created into a character pillow. In addition to being a sleeping pad, these pillows can also be used as home decorations or gifts for those closest to you. You can use various materials to make pillows, such as sthenolid, yelvo, axtatex, or flannel.

5. Recycling plastic waste
As we know, plastic waste is one of the problems that cause environmental damage. However, agree, you can contribute to overcome this problem through the use of plastic waste. If processed into handicrafts, these wastes will also have a high sale value! For example, such as used plastic that is converted into a carpet, umbrella, bag, or basket.

6. Soap
As a daily necessity, soap has become one of the promising handicraft business opportunities. You can make various soaps from various herbal ingredients so that it is safe for the skin while not damaging the environment. In addition, soap made as a result of crafts can also be made into unique shapes. To provide freshness, you can also provide additional aromatherapy. Not before starting this business, have you prepared already and have the ability to attend training!

You can develop true passion for new creative businesses. Besides being able to pursue the things that you like, business in the creative industry also has promising advantages!


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