New Year’s celebration is indeed one of the most awaited moments. However, apart from enjoying the joy of the turn of the year, those of you who have a profession as a business actor also need to take advantage of the early moments of the year to make your business grow. Therefore, regardless of whatever business you run, make sure you already have a clear plan regarding the things you want to achieve! Here are 6 habits that entrepreneurs must do at the beginning of the year!


1. New year, new offer!


You can make the new year the right opportunity to introduce the latest offers. You see, not a few customers are looking for promotions at the beginning of the year. So, don’t be surprised if you can increase the number of sales, especially if you can present relevant products and services. For example, if you are a business in the retail sector of stationery and office supplies, you can offer products with the theme “the begining of the year spirit.”


2. Give appreciation to customers


In face, you will always face competition in doing business, regardless of the type of business you run. So, in addition to focusing on finding potential customers, you also need to give appreciation to customers who trust your business. The form of appreciation can take various forms, such as offering special discounts or free product samples. When you present something exclusive to your customers, your customers will feel more valued. In addition, they can also refer your products to the people around them.


3. Get ready to implement your 2022 business resolutions


New Year New Hope. Usually, January is often the time to start new things that will make you better than before, right? If you want to improve the quality of payment services for your business, be sure to entrust the Cashlez App! In just one application, you can provide various payment options so customers don’t have to queue. And of course, the Cashlez application can also be used for olshop owners because it provides QR Payment, Virtual Accounts, and payment links!

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4. Make your long term plan


The moment of the beginning of the year is not only an opportunity to hold promotions. You see, you also need to prepare your long-term plans. So, since the beginning of the year, you can predict when is the right time to hold a promo until December. And of course, keep using online platforms like social media to introduce your brand to an audience that fits your target customers!


5. Stop making hasty decisions


Do you know? One of the mistakes that business people often make when running their business is making hasty decisions. In fact, without considering the impact, a decision can prevent you from growing. To anticipate this, make it a habit to consider a decision in the long term too!

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6. Write down your goals for the next three months


You could say, every businessman is a dreamer. So, don’t be surprised if you also often find interesting ideas that have the potential to make your business more advanced. However, don’t let this idea only exist in your mind. Instead, you have to start making it happen this January. Therefore, try to write down the targets you want to achieve for three months. Each period, be sure to evaluate your achievements.


Starting from simple things, you can achieve the achievements you want to achieve. Therefore, make sure to always be optimistic and rely on Cashlez, the One Solution for All Your Business Transactions!

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