Not only quality products, a business must also provide superior service so that customers have a pleasant shopping experience. There are various types of services that you can do, one of which is after-sales service. As the name implies, this service focuses on helping customers after they shop.


The customers you provide services to will feel more satisfied and comfortable. Not surprisingly, they can return to shopping at your store than your competitors. So, if you want to increase customer loyalty, make sure to implement the following 6 things!

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1. Provide education to customers


Through online platforms such as social media and websites, you can create educational content related to your business. Not only that, you can also consider creating content through email marketing aimed at customers. This content will be a source of information for customers to know more about the things they are interested in, including your products. The creation of this content is one way for business owners to show that you maintain good relationships with customers, even after the purchase process has been completed.


2. Change your perspective on customer service


To provide customer service, you do need special preparation, starting from budget planning to contact customers to recruiting staff who will help customers. However, you need to remember that through this service, you can also benefit. You see, when your customers feel helped and satisfied with your service, then they will return to shopping and refer your business to the people closest to them.

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3. Implement customer personalization


Each of your customers has different tendencies. So, how can you build a good relationship with all of them? In this digital era, you can take advantage of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology that helps you to personalize messages, for example by mentioning your customers’ names when you send them a newsletter.


4. Provide product warranty and repair


One of the things that is also important for you to apply to the after-sales service strategy is to apply a product warranty. By providing a guarantee, you can convince customers that the products they use are of good quality and can function effectively. This guarantee can be given based on a certain period, for example, such as 6 to 12 months. In addition, you can also offer product service services.


5. Ask customer feedback


You must know how the performance of the post-sales service that you provide. Has the service helped customers or do you have to make various changes to make the service more effective? To find this out, try conducting a customer satisfaction survey. You can also give prizes to some lucky respondents.


6. Responsive Customer Service


Good relationship with customers is very important. Therefore, you must always be ready to help customers who want to ask something. When they experience problems and immediately get help from you, of course they will feel calm and have more confidence in the business services you provide.


Getting new customers is indeed one of the most important aspects of business. However, you also shouldn’t forget that your business can grow even more when you have loyal customers who come back to shop and recommend your business to the people around them. Come on, make your business grow through an after-sales service strategy!

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