The Covid-19 pandemic has forced business players to adapt to daily habits, one of which is maximizing online sales. Hence, now many business actors have also started marketing their products via the internet, moreover, there are many digital platforms that are a means of staying connected with customers. 


In the end, business actors must be able to get out of their comfort zone in order to survive, even making their business grow. Of course, there are many lessons that we can apply to doing business in 2021. Come on, see the following 6 tips for doing business!


  1. Starting something new? No need to worry!

The suggestion to limit physical contact does change our routine. However, business actors can also use their creativity to overcome this condition. For example, by collecting opinions and suggestions from customers, as an evaluation material about what type of service or product they need. To present new products and services, you can start with small things, for example by registering your business with Cashlez so that your customers can make non-cash payments safely, quickly, and practically!


  1. Maintain communication with customers

In the past, it is possible that interactions between customers and buyers only occurred at the place of business. However, in the digital era, you can do this interaction online, namely through social media and your business website. Inform everything about your business through the channels that you have so customers can find out quickly if, for example, there are promos, prize competitions, and the latest products you have launched.  


  1. Optimize online sales

For business actors, especially micro-entrepreneurs, maintaining a business in the midst of a pandemic can mean changes in operating a business. If in the past you only opened a physical store, now like it or not, you also need to open an online store to reach more customers. Moreover, the pandemic situation sometimes causes the government to set rules regarding business operating hours so you need to close shop early. However, if you still operate online, you still have a chance to increase sales, right?


  1. Customer data has a big influence on the success of your business

Who doesn’t want to have loyal customers? Of course, to attract the hearts of customers, you also need to make efforts, from optimizing the quality of products and services, to maintaining good relationships with customers. Through Cashlez’s digital receipt feature, you can send proof of payment to customers via e-mail, WhatsApp, or SMS. So, you can also collect customer data and provide the latest offers for them.


  1. Use story telling to introduce your product

To do online marketing effectively, you also need to carry out the right strategy, not just installing the products that you sell. Use a story telling strategy to introduce your brand . Through this method, you can present your product in a more personal way to potential customers so that they can understand the message you want to convey. Basically, we tend to be more interested in things that have to do with ourselves, right ?


  1. Be prepared for all uncertainty

A businessman certainly needs to be mentally prepared, especially prepared for the various uncertainties that may arise. We may be able to anticipate the things we will face. However, we don’t really know what will happen next. Therefore, make the best possible preparation, such as making a funding plan, recording business assets, and setting business priorities that you need to do.


All events and experiences that you have can certainly be used as lessons to make you a better business actor than before. Come on, together learn to manage an effective business in 2021!


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