Soon, 2019 will end and we will enter in 2020. Of course, you as a business actor also have hopes and targets for your business. Likewise for those of you who are just planning to open a business. Now, it’s no longer the time to be confused and doubtful because you can run one of 6 promising business opportunities in 2020.


  1. Franchise business

The alias franchise business is one of the businesses that are in great demand by business people who have no experience. Without the need to prepare products to sell, you can immediately buy a franchise and start running your own business.


  1. Online reseller

After buying products from suppliers , an online reseller will re-market their products through online stores, both on social media, marketplaces, and websites. This one business is very flexible and you don’t need a special place to run it.


  1. Grocery store

In this era, grocery stores still have an important role, especially for people who do not live in urban areas. You can provide various daily needs. Do not forget to keep updating the stock of goods that you have.


  1. Catering

Dense routines often make people not have time to provide their own food. Therefore, you who like to cook can take this opportunity and offer catering services . Prepare a variety of menus, ranging from lunch menus, diet menus, to vegetarian menus.


  1. Deposits

Although it has become a trend in 2019, the safekeeping services business is also still popular in 2020. This is because the surrogate service users cannot obtain goods in the vicinity of their residence. Therefore, they rely on people who travel to buy it.


  1. Trip planner

Who says making vacation plans is that easy? In general, it is a plan of traveling the complicated tablets , especially if you have a lot of busyness. Not to mention the climatic conditions when traveling. Therefore, you who are passionate in the field of traveling can rent out your services to those who want to make vacation plans.


Whatever capital you have, you can use 2020 to start carrying out your plans for doing business. Come on, be a smart business actor reading the opportunity!

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