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When you run a business, of course you will get input from people you know, from family members, business associates, to friends. Even though these suggestions aim to help you, not all opinions need you to follow them. You see, it could be that opinion is just a myth.

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As we know, myth is a public perception of something that is considered true, but it is not. In the business world, these myths that are still believed can have a bad impact. You see, business actors can make decisions that are not right because of considering these myths. To avoid this, let’s get to know what are the business myths in the following explanation!


1. It takes a lot of capital to set up a business


Both among business actors and non-business owners, the notion that business requires large capital is still popular. In fact, the amount of capital required will be determined based on several factors, starting from the type of business, product variety, as well as sales and marketing strategies. That’s why, you can start a business without a penny of capital, for example through the dropship system.

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2. Low price should be prioritized


It cannot be denied, low prices are indeed one of the attractions for potential customers to shop. However, keep in mind that low prices are not the only thing customers want. Therefore, you should focus on improving the quality of your products and services which will affect customer loyalty. In terms of payment services, use the Cashlez Payment Gateway which provides a variety of non-cash payment options.


3. Trouble in developing products


One of the crucial aspects of business development is product preparation. You see, the products you offer will help customers to improve their quality of life. However, due to the need to do various things, many think that product development is a complicated thing. In fact, as long as you manage time and adjust the timeline, this process can be passed smoothly.


4. A business plan doesn’t need to be written down, just depend on the mind


When just starting to run a business, not a few business owners think that they don’t need to write down their plans. So, they will depend on the ideas that come to their mind. In fact, writing a business plan is very important to monitor the progress that you have made. Apart from that, you will also avoid making hasty decisions that will harm your business.


5. Doing business is the best way to accumulate wealth


One of the motivations that most business people have is to achieve financial freedom. In fact, business is not the only way to get rich. There are also other ways that will help you grow, such as building a network, learning important skills, and managing money well.


6. You have to make many decisions with big risks


Often, business is associated with risk so that many people think that people who run a business are those who are willing to take big risks. In fact, wise business actors will not make hasty decisions. They will instead consider the risks and find the best way that will help the business grow. Instead of only seeing from one perspective, they will use several perspectives so they know what impact they can get.


Business myths are not real things that need to be implemented. In fact, as a wise business actor, you must be able to distinguish which ones should be implemented and which ones need to be avoided. Let’s optimize your business and make the best decisions based on the right considerations!
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