When you tell others that you are an online business owner, has anyone ever thought that the business you are running is easier than an offline business?


Indeed, many still think that online business is much more practical than offline business which must provide a place and have limited operating hours.


Online business is not as easy as imagined


Basically, running an online business also requires a lot of effort. Not to mention, there are various things you have to learn and adapt. In addition, you can also experience challenges such as the following 6 things!


1. Build trust with customers


For online businesses, building customer trust is a challenge! The reason is, when they want to shop online, customers cannot review the products they are going to buy directly. Therefore, to build the reputation of your business, you must first show the reviews from previous customers.


In addition, you must also be responsive and informative to questions asked by customers. When the customer has made a payment, then you must immediately provide an update regarding the delivery time of the goods and the proof if the product has been shipped.


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2. Make provisions for returning goods or refunds


Who says online businesses only need to send customer orders via courier? You also have to anticipate if at any time something unexpected happens that causes the customer to submit a process for returning goods or refunds.


Set the rules regarding returns and refunds and let them know via social media or the packaging of the shipping package. This will make it easier for you and your customers if you have to return goods later. For example, returns or refunds are only valid for customers who document the package opening process via video.


3. Looking for new customers


Finding customers on digital platforms is certainly different from looking for customers directly. Moreover, customers also have different categories so you also need to be careful to determine the right marketing strategy.


To increase the number of customers, you must first increase brand awareness so that the audience first understands what your business is and what you offer. After that, you can install sponsors by first adjusting the criteria for suitable customers.


4. Build e-commerce


E-commerce has become one of the ways that you can rely on to expand online. However, building an attractive business website that can convert customers is not something that can be done instantly.


You also need to optimize your website so that the design fits your business theme and can be accessed easily and quickly without having to wait a long time. And no less important, a website must also be mobile friendly to make it easier for customers to find products while relaxing.


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5. Create target customer categories


When you want to market a product, of course you must first know, what kind of customer category suits your target.


In addition, you also have to implement various strategies to reach customers, for example, such as placing online advertisements, optimizing SEO, and running e-mail marketing.


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6. Accept a convenient payment system


Because they cannot meet in person, there will probably be many online business people who provide a limited payment system. You see, not a few online business actors only provide one or two payment options.


Well, this can be overcome by providing a #TinggalKlik solution from the Cashlez Link which you can get here. With this one option, your customers can pay via online payment, virtual account, debit/credit, and QRIS!


Online business people and offline business people do have their differences, for example in terms of how to serve customers. Because basically, challenges will always exist in any business, won’t it?

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