What do entrepreneurs need to do to make their business run smoothly? Of course, first they need to promote their product so that people know and are interested in buying the product. Well, for those of you who want to do marketing for your business, don’t forget to pay attention to the following 6 types of marketing strategies!
1. Product categories
To do branding based on product categories, you need to show your product features compared to similar products. For example, if you offer cookies, you can provide information that you offer a variety of cake variants or birthday cake decoration services according to customer requests.

2. Based on references from competitors
If you want to do branding based on references from competitors, of course you have to make promotional material related to competitors’ promotional materials. That way, people can easily recognize your product because your promotion contents is related to contents that they have seen before.

3. Benefits of your product
In this way, you need to show, what are the benefits of the product so that customers are required to buy it. Customers certainly want the best products, both in terms of quality, price, and how to use. Well, you need to fulfill everything on the products that you offer them.

4. Product packaging
Even though it looks simple, a product attribute can also affect the success of your branding. This is because the unique packaging will be able to attract the attention of prospective customers. Compared to other products whose packaging is similar, you actually show different things that make your product fresher.

5. Attractive prices and guaranteed quality
One effective thing to attract prospective customers is to include special prices. As we know, price is one of the most important considerations when someone decides to shop or not. In addition to price, you also need to show that your product has trusted quality.

6. Shows the user’s identity
A product can provide an identity for its users. Hence, you can also display specialities on your product. For example, you provide a variety of drinks that are trending. Of course, your target customers are those who come from millennial. You can include information that your product is the current generation of drinks.
There are many things you can do so that your promotion is not monotonous. Which type of promotion is most interesting to you?


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