Have you ever heard of the term ikigai? This term refers to the Japanese philosophy of life to do things based on what we like. The fun can give us the opportunity because it is needed by people. Well, this term is also very closely related to those of you who run a business based on passion, in the field of art, for example.


So, the decision to become an artist can not only help you to explore your potential, but also develop it into a profitable business. Well, as inspiration, here are several types of business opportunities for those of you who have a business spirit!


1. Creative consultant services

In the midst of intense competition in the business world, not a few companies and brands require creative consultant services. You see, a creative consultant will help them to find solutions as well as bring new innovations to the business they run. Meanwhile, you as a creative consultant also have responsibilities such as developing concepts, finding ideas, and helping your clients to develop their businesses.


2. Open a calligraphy studio

Especially for those of you who have a hobby in the art of calligraphy, don’t waste the opportunity to open a calligraphy studio, because this business has great potential. However, if you are not ready to start, you don’t need to worry because you can start as a freelancer who offers calligraphy services. So, the projects you get can be done from home. And to transact with customers, you can directly use the online transaction feature from Cashlez!


3. Selling handmade goods

Do you like making handmade items such as knitted sweaters, key chains, or shopping bags? At first, maybe you made these items because it was just a hobby. However, your hobby actually has a high selling point. You see, handmade products have a higher level of complexity compared to mass-produced goods. As a result, the price tag is even higher.


4. Make aromatherapy candles

Today, not a few people use aromatherapy candles to provide peace in their homes. You can use this opportunity to make decorative candles that are equipped with aromatherapy so that they can provide comfort for your customers. Meanwhile, for the aromatherapy itself, there are various types of options that you can use, such as lemon grass or lavender.


5. Collecting and selling art

If you have the foresight to see the beauty in works of art, you can become a collector and buy and sell works of art. You can offer these works through art galleries or other art exhibition events. In addition to being an opportunity to do business, this method will also help artists to make their works more known. There are various types of artwork that you can offer, such as sculptures, paintings, and miniatures.


6. Become a writer

Stringing words together is not something that can be done instantly, especially if you want the writing to be truly meaningful and understood by the reader. Therefore, those of you who have a passion in the field of writing should also not miss the opportunity to run a business through the writings that you produce. There are various writing options that you can try, such as writing articles for magazine editors, making fiction stories, and publishing a book.


The field of art is not just a hobby that you can run, but also a promising business opportunity if you can pursue it seriously. So, are you ready to run a contemporary business in the art field?

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