The beginning of the year is usually used as a moment for self-reflection. So, you will remember what experiences and lessons you have learned during 2022. These experiences can the successes you have received or the challenges you have gone through.


Of course, everything that you have gone through can help you determine business resolutions for 2023. In order for your business resolutions to come true, you can take advantage of fintech service solutions. Let’s find out what the role of fintech is for business people in the following description!

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1. Adding resources


Through partnerships with fintech services, the transaction process between business actors and buyers becomes more effective. Not surprisingly, your business can grow. Not to mention, fintech services are also easily accessible by all groups, thus opening up opportunities for business actors who have not previously used financial services to use technology. If previously they only accepted payments in cash, now they can receive payments quickly, practically and safely using the cashless transaction method.


2. Increase customer retention


Financial technology services can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Before using payment fintech solutions, customers must bring cash for transactions. However, thanks to fintech solutions, they can transact directly from their e-wallet or mobile banking on their cellphones. Because business actors can increase customer shopping satisfaction, the customer retention rate will also increase.


3. Optimizing business


When you use fintech products, there will be various business aspects that you can optimize. The problem is, jobs that were previously done manually can now be managed automatically using the existing system. For example, when making sales reports, business actors usually have to record incoming orders one by one. However, when business actors use Cashlez, sales reports can be accessed automatically through Dashboard Reporting.

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4. Increasing access to credit


The presence of fintech can increase financial inclusion. In the past, business actors, especially those belonging to the MSME scale, faced challenges when fulfilling the document requirements for applying for a loan. However, thanks to fintech services that record sales reports, businesses can access loan applications more easily. To get access to sales reports, you can use the Cashlez Reporting service for free.


5. Deliver innovation easily


Fintech services generally do not require complicated requirements. You only need to provide documents for identification and verification purposes. To register as a Cashlez Merchant and provide cashless payment services, you can directly access, fill out the form, and take a photo of yourself online. After that, your submission will be reviewed and verified.


6. Guarantee transaction security


Fintech products help businesses manage their business safely, for example through customer data protection services, security protocols, and fraud detection services. This security not only helps businesses to run their business smoothly, but also ensures the safety and comfort of customers when making transactions. That way, your business reputation can increase.


Along with the times, fintech services provide a variety of business solutions that help businesses adapt, develop their business, and contribute to society. Through payment fintech solutions from Cashlez Payment Gateway, you can receive transactions practically. There are various non-cash payment options, such as credit/debit cards, payment links, Virtual Accounts, and QRIS.

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