Business transformation in the digital era makes business owners change the way they run their business, namely through digital platforms. While there are many opportunities that business owners can get in this era, you and your staff can also face challenges during the adaptation process. Come on, identify the challenges that business owners face in the digital era so that you can prepare for better adjustments in the digital era!


1. Increase customer satisfaction


Nowadays, your customers usually use smartphones when carrying out their daily activities, starting from searching for the products and services they want, searching for information, and placing orders. Through this convenience, customers can get what they want practically. If they feel confused or need help, they also expect a quick response.

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2. Complex technology services


If you are not used to it, someone can find it difficult when using technology for business. Moreover, the challenge is not only felt by the business owner, but also the staff who are employed. To overcome this challenge, you can consider the technology solution that will be used, for example choosing an easy-to-use service such as the Cashlez business application. You can use the cashier service and provide various payment options such as Virtual Account, QRIS, and Payment Link.


3. Manage a lot of information


The internet does make it easy for you to get various kinds of information about how to manage a business. However, to promote a product effectively, you must understand what your customers want. Not only that, you can also use digital technology to find out trends that customers have, for example through sales reports on Cashlez.


4. Consistent with business goals


Developments in the digital era often make business owners think that they have to change the goals they want to achieve. In fact, making adjustments digitally doesn’t mean you have to do everything from scratch again. Instead, what you need to do is innovate, especially in the way you manage your business, both in providing products and services.

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5. Security


One of the reasons that make business owners feel hesitant to go digital is because of security. Moreover, business owners must also ensure the security of personal data which is of course sensitive. Therefore, you also need to anticipate, namely considering technology services whose security is guaranteed. The Cashlez payment service has obtained a license from Bank Indonesia and PCI DSS which ensures security when transacting with cards.


6. Improper strategy


Because there is a digital transformation that affects the business, business owners also need to adjust their business strategy. You see, if the business strategy does not change, then the strategy can hinder your business from growing. Changes in strategy can be done through an evaluation of the problems that exist in your business. Then, start to find out the cause of the problem and don’t forget to work with the whole team. Ask for their opinion on strategies that need to be changed.


There are various challenges that exist in the digital era, ranging from human resource issues, how to operate a business, as well as obstacles in the technological aspect. However, if you and your entire staff can be open to digital transformation, then your business can be more efficient. And of course, the habits of managing a business manually can also be changed into an automated business management system.


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