The government and society are now preparing to enter the post-pandemic era, the New Normal era. There are various sectors that have prepared protocols to ensure safety and hygiene, one of which is the tourism sector. The hotel owners are now busy preparing to reopen their businesses by prioritizing security, both for guests and staff. Of course, in this new era, hotel managers cannot fully implement the old operational methods as they were in the pandemic. The following six changes are predicted to be made to ensure the hotel is safe from the risk of exposure to the virus.

1. Procedures for maintaining hygiene
Hotel cleanliness is predicted to be one of the most important elements and is considered by potential visitors. Therefore, hotel managers will always maintain cleanliness in their business premises. All parts of the hotel will also be monitored, from lodging rooms, meeting rooms, to public places. To increase the trust of visitors, hotel owners can also implement the New Normal protocol program which ensures that every hotel room has been cleaned before being used by guests. The cleaning is also done thoroughly so that the surfaces are often touched such as door handles, light switches, and TV remotes.

2. Food service system
In order to effectively implement social restrictions, hotel entrepreneurs are advised to abolish the buffet food service system. Instead, the hotel staff will deliver breakfast to each room. After finishing enjoying the hotel dishes, guests can also place the dining area in front of their rooms. Such a system is considered safer than the previous system because it makes people gather in one place without regard to distance restrictions. Moreover, the food service system is also limited to certain hours, does not apply freely.

3. Application of rules to public facilities in hotels
Relaxing activities in the hotel swimming pool and the use of gym facilities will be done based on health protocols. One of them is the schedule for using public facilities. So, to use the swimming pool or gym, guests must follow the hours specified by the hotel manager. Guests are not permitted to use these facilities at inappropriate hours because every guest of the facility is already scheduled for other guests. In addition, hotel staff will also ensure the cleanliness of every public facility. Pool benches will also be arranged with a minimum distance of 1.5 m each.

4. Check-in process
If the hotel has not implemented a self check-in system, the hotel manager will also apply a safe distance between the reception desk and guests. In addition, at the reception desk, hotel staff will also provide hand sanitizers. At the entrance, there is a hotel clerk who checks the body temperature of every person who will go inside. Not only hotel visitors will be examined, the staff at the hotel will also be checked to ensure they are in good health.

5. The look of the hotel will be more minimalist
If in the past there were many hotels that used luxury decorations, in the New Normal era the decorations will be decluttered. Many hotel owners choose to use minimalist decor. This is useful to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. In addition, a minimalist hotel will also be easier to get the disinfection process.

6. Dominated by local tourists
Because there was a ban on traveling from one area to another, hotel guests in the New Normal era would be dominated by local tourists. They usually want to do a staycation and will look for hotels that have implemented good hygiene protocols. This will make them sure to spend time there quietly and comfortably.

Pandemic Covid-19 has given changes to the habit of staying at hotels. Although initially we will need adjustments, the application of this protocol is carried out to ensure that the hotel continues to operate by prioritizing safety and health.



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