Besides focusing on increasing customer satisfaction, there is another important aspect that you should not miss as a business actor, namely maintaining good relations with suppliers. You see, business actors who can cooperate with their suppliers indirectly will also make their business more reliable.

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Meanwhile, the role of suppliers is also very important to ensure the smooth running of your business, for example, when you start getting orders in large quantities. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint customers because of the long service process, right? Therefore, you need help from suppliers who are always on standby to provide your business needs. And of course, you also need to do the following 6 things  to maintain relationships with suppliers!


1. Understand supplier policies


As a business partner, you also need to understand the policies made by the supplier, for example when the product you are selling is still left. To overcome this, you need to understand the policy of the supplier, whether they accept returns or not. You see, the policies used of course greatly affect the smooth running of your business. In addition, you also need to ensure that the policies set by the supplier are clear so as to reduce the risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

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2. Contact your supplier regularly


Since your business works with suppliers, you should also contact them regularly. So, you should not only contact when you want to make a purchase. If for example one day you experience an unexpected situation and need help from a supplier, of course you will find it easier to get help from a supplier who has already touched you.


3. Make payments on time


One thing that you should also not miss to build a good relationship with suppliers is to ensure that the payment process is carried out in a timely manner. Through this habit, the supplier’s level of trust in you will also increase so that automatically, the relationship between you and the supplier will develop for the better than before.


4. Give appreciation at certain moments


As a form of your appreciation for the cooperation that exists with suppliers, don’t hesitate to provide gifts. Although this step may seem simple, giving a gift can show how much you appreciate the supplier’s efforts to help you grow your business.


5. Suppliers are not just vendors


Suppliers are not your internal team, but they have a big impact on your business. So, you need to understand that suppliers are more than just vendors. They also need to know how your business works and what products and services you provide. When there is a new campaign or promotion, don’t hesitate to inform them.


6. Monitor supplier performance


To make collaboration even more effective, you need to monitor supplier performance regularly. One of them is in terms of managing the stock of sales items. Both you as a business owner or supplier can check whether the available stock is sufficient or not. In addition, you can also check the delivery of their goods, whether the supplier is on time or not.


The smooth running of the business that you run is not determined by one factor alone, but also by several things, such as the role of suppliers who provide a variety of your business needs. Therefore, make sure to communicate with the supplier regularly!

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