Business success will not come suddenly. It takes a lot of effort so you can achieve the goals you pursue. In addition, you also need to have a strong determination to get through various challenges such as when facing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, you also become a leader for your staffs. Do the following 6 tips so you and your team can still survive through difficult times.


  1. Provide clear guidance for staff

Facing difficult times can make us feel confused, stressed, and less productive. To overcome this, you need to give clear direction to the staff. For example, such as directing staff to follow the health prototype according to the advice of the government and health practitioners. In addition, you also need to tell them to keep their distance from each other and always wear a mask. And most importantly, you need to adopt a positive attitude so that staff can reduce their worries about the pandemic situation.


  1. Support team members to stay motivated

It is very important for business owners to support team members. This really helps them to stay calm and focused. There are various ways that you can use to encourage them. For example, such as giving praise and appreciating hard work, communicating with empathy, showing sincerity and hope in the current situation, as well as providing regular updates about the goals to be achieved.


  1. Communicating through various channels

When faced with various challenges during the pandemic, you must maintain communication with staff,s especially if you have a shift system for staff. Some effective ways to maintain communication with the team include using instant messaging chat to communicate during working hours, using video conferences to conduct virtual meetings, and asking staff for feedback on how to communicate with teams as evaluations.


  1. Open to change

There are times when you need to make changes to stay ahead, even if the changes are only temporary. Hence, many businesses have started offering new services since the pandemic emerged. For example, such as delivery service options and non-cash transactions. In fact, to reduce the risk of Corona virus spreading, businesses can also provide self-service features . Currently, Cashlez provides a Quick Share feature that helps businesses to send QR Codes to customers.


  1. Value simple achievements

This one strategy is quite simple. You simply determine the short-term goals that you and your staff will achieve. After the goal is successful, do a simple celebration, for example when your business can resume operating after being temporarily closed. In addition, you can also ask staff for opinions about the business strategy that will be done. These simple awards can make you and the team become more confident and appreciate the process that you do together.


  1. Stay connected with old customers

Your customers can be the ones who help you in difficult times. Therefore, you need to maintain communication with them continuously. Use social media, e-mail, and websites to provide product updates, discounts, announcements about operational shops, and content related to your audience.


During facing the Covid-19 pandemic and entering new normal times, you and the staff certainly need to focus and adapt in accordance with existing trends. Keep your spirits up and stay open to innovations that support your business!

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