In the midst of intense competition between one hotel and another, of course you will do a lot of effort so that your hotel will grow rapidly. Moreover, every effort you make can open up new opportunities for you to increase the number of visitors. The main thing you need to pay attention to is to make visitors get the best experience when staying. Use the following 6 accurate tips to enhance the quality of your hotel!


  1. Create privileges at your hotel
    It is undeniable, hotel rental prices are one of the important factors for visitors. This makes you need to pay attention to what hotel visitors can get by paying a certain price. However, that does not mean you have to set the lowest price possible, but rather focus on the services and facilities available. From friendly and professional services, various food and beverage packages, gym and pool access, to free parking fees.
  2. Use the right marketing methods
    Moving in the hotel industry will make you an independent businessman. So, you must be as creative as possible looking for ways to do marketing without spending a lot of money. One of them is by establishing partnerships with other business actors. Besides looking for partners, also use payment technology to make it easier for you to manage hotels. Through Cashlez, you can accept various payment methods, both through credit / debit cards and digital payments. In addition, Cashlez also provides a pre-auth feature for deposit payments.
  3. Give special offers
    Prospective visitors to your hotel may often make reservations through your partners, such as online tourism agents. However, you cannot rely solely on your business partners. In order for your hotel revenue to increase rapidly, you also need to increase the number of room bookings made directly. For that, you can provide special promotions in the form of discounts or gifts for visitors who book a room directly at the reception. The benefits obtained by customers will also increase their loyalty!
  4. Apply the tendency to continue to develop
    You are not just a business person, but you are also a leader in your team that all members have an obligation to cooperate with each other and improve the progress of the hotel. As a leader, it’s only natural that you have a positive influence on making staff support each other and realize the importance of hotel visitor satisfaction. When the whole team can focus on the goals to be achieved, then they can make better decisions and steps.
  5. Use your hotel sales data as analysis material
    Data is one important part that you need to have to manage your business. Not surprisingly, the data must also be valid. Therefore, you are not advised to collect data from outside sources that cannot be verified. Better, you manage your own hotel tendencies. Through the dashboard of the Cashlez sales report, Cashlez Merchants, including hotel managers, can see which room types or services are most favored by visitors.
  6. Always follow consumer trends
    The hotel that you manage must always be adjusted to the tendency of visitors. So, you must pay attention to consumer behavior so that you can make the right decisions and can support progress in business. This can be done in various ways, for example by conducting a periodic review of the ordering process, seeing the number of visitors who come within a certain period of time, or reading feedback from visitors.

While there is a will, there is always a way to achieve the goal you want. Make your hotel as a place that is not only comfortable, but also a memorable place to stay!

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