As we know, the printing business is indeed one of the promising business opportunities in the service sector. Moreover, this business can provide a variety of prints required by customers. However, it does not mean that the printing business does not have challenges. Moreover, because the printing business has a lot of potential, of course the demand is not small.


So, what do printing businesses need to do to face competition? Of course, you have to stay optimistic and focus on finding ways that you can maintain relationships with customers while attracting the attention of potential customers. Let’s learn the following 6 tips so that your printing business gets more orders.


1. Small quantity printing service


Not infrequently, users of printing business services do not place orders in large quantities. So, you also need to adapt your business system to their inclination. Because, if you continue to receive orders in small quantities but you do not provide printing services in small quantities, your production costs may increase.

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2. Variety of paper types


In the midst of business competition, what things do you need to do so that your business still has loyal customers? One thing that you can provide apart from printing services in small quantities is a variety of paper choices that customers need. Moreover, your customers certainly want the printing results they ordered are satisfactory. And as a service provider, you can help them provide a variety of paper materials, such as waterproof paper, custom gift paper, and company envelopes.


3. Make your business more efficient


If you want your printing business to be more advanced, then just presenting a variety of printing services is not enough. You also have to make business management more efficient. If you have been recording transactions manually, now is the time to present an integrated business solution from Cashlez. Through Cashlez, you can receive various payment transaction options from customers, such as debit/credit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, installments, and so on. All transactions will be automatically recorded on the sales dashboard.


4. Often do promotions


Without the factors that make potential customers interested, of course you will find it difficult to get customers. So, start doing promotions on the printing services that you provide, for example, for large orders. Not only that, you can also provide free design consulting services before the design is printed. Regardless of the type of promotion you provide, make sure it is the type of promotion that will help your customers!

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5. Do partnerships with other business people


What does partnering have to do with increasing customer numbers? Of course, the two influence each other. When you collaborate with other business owners, your printing business will also be known by the business audience. On the other hand, your partners can also introduce their business to your customers. Well, this collaboration can be done on various occasions, from opening a branch store to launching a new product.


6. Find additional capital to expand


A business owner who wants to increase the number of customers must have the will to dare to change. This can be done by adding capital to expand. You can then use this capital to increase the procurement of printing equipment, increase promotions, and so on. There are various ways you can do to get additional capital. Well, for those of you who are already Cashlez merchants, you also have the opportunity to access funding through KoinWorks.


Competitors are not something you can avoid in running a business. Even so, make sure not to give up easily and always try to improve the services you provide!

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