You must have heard the advice that a business owner should not stop learning. Of course, the concept of learning is not limited to formal education, but also your willingness to know new things that will help you develop your business. Well, one solution that you can do to continue to explore your potential as a businessman is through participation in training. Let’s see what types of training are suitable for the following business actors!


1. Financial management exercises


This type of training is mandatory for every business actor, especially if you are someone who is just exploring the business world. Basically, the ability to manage finances does not depend on your previous educational background, but rather is determined by how you prioritize the use of funds.

In the digital era, it can be said that business actors are much luckier because the business income system can be recorded automatically, for example through Cashlez Reporting. Through this service, you can directly monitor every incoming transaction, without the need to come directly to the place of business.

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2. Leadership training


Without the ability to lead, of course you will find it difficult to direct the team you work with effectively. In fact, the way you lead the team will greatly determine the success of your business performance. So, be sure to also take the time to learn how to be a great leader.

From there, you will find out what things you can develop and how to manage the human resources you employ better than before.


3. Customer service training


The service quality of a business also plays an important role in the reputation of your business. You see, the better the service you provide, the higher the customer satisfaction which will affect the profits you get.

Of course, regardless of the scale of your business, you need to consider service quality as one of the main aspects. For example, through the use of Cashlez, which accepts various non-cash payment options so customers don’t have to queue.


4. Soft skill development exercises


When you run a business, the skills you need are not only applied ones, but also soft skills related to emotional intelligence, business ethics, teamwork, communication, and the ability to solve problems.

Not surprisingly, training to develop soft skills is also needed by business actors so that they can become wiser business leaders and work more effectively. That way, the managed business can generate more profit.

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5. Compliance Training


Do you still think that training in the field of compliance is only needed by business actors whose businesses are already on a corporate scale? In fact, this assumption is not at all true! You who are MSME actors can also learn a lot if you attend training in the field of compliance.

For example, compliance training gives you a lot of knowledge about the basics of making compliant in business, such as licenses and tax provisions that you need. Not only that, you can also run your business more wisely without violating environmental regulations.


6. Marketing Training


It is no secret that marketing strategy is included as one of the aspects needed in running a business. Therefore, regardless of the scale of business you are engaged in, both MSME and enterprise businesses, skills in the field of marketing are still essential.

Through knowledge in this area, you can understand what kind of tips you need to do to promote your products and services effectively. Not only that, training in the marketing aspect will open up opportunities for you to learn the latest trends that you can tailor to your target customers.


Having a business of course requires you to understand A to Z. Therefore, try to take training from different fields so that your insight will be wider. So, among the six types of training available, which type of training would you like to attend first?

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