Success in business cannot be separated from the way you communicate with customers. Moreover, through this communication, you can convey information as well as understand what your customers need. And of course, communication will also help you to convince potential customers.


In the midst of the rapid development of digital technology, we can communicate more practically with customers. You see, there are various digital platforms available. So, what are the types of digital platforms that make the customer question and answer process more effective? Find out the review through the following explanation!

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1. Twitter


If you want to reach customers, then make sure to take advantage of social media like Twitter. Reporting from, data from Statista shows that in January 2022, there were 18.45 million Twitter users in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, this one platform can be an opportunity for you to interact with your audience and customers.


2. Facebook


In addition to Twitter, Facebook is also included as one of the social media that helps business owners to expand the reach of their business. Moreover, through social media such as Facebook, you can also provide customer service that will help and respond to questions from customers. In addition, you can also increase sales through advertising on Facebook.

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3. Instagram


According to data obtained from Napoleon Cat, the number of people who use Instagram in Indonesia at the end of 2021 is 92.53 million people. This large number of course also shows that Instagram is one of the platforms that can help you increase brand awareness to the public. To increase interaction, you can also do activities on Instagram, such as photo competitions or giveaway challenges.


4. E-mail


Compared to chat applications that have sprung up, maybe some of us think that communication via email is outdated. But actually, email is included as a way to stay connected with customers in a practical, fast, and affordable way. Moreover, you can also send various types of emails, from promotional info to the latest product launches.


5. Website


Basically, a website is one of the assets that every business owner needs. You see, customers will usually also look for information about business products and services through the official website of the business. In addition, not a few websites are also used as e-commerce so that customers can place orders while monitoring the ordering process. Now, for Cashlez users, a website is provided to monitor real time sales reports.


6. Text messages


In addition to e-mail, text messages can also be one effective way that can keep you connected with customers, regardless of how large your business is. If you own an MSME, you can use text messages to interact quickly with customers. Meanwhile, if you run a large-scale business, text messages can be the right choice for you to provide information about the latest promos.


7. Chat on website


As we know, every customer has different tendencies. Hence, not all customers want to be contacted by telephone. So, you as a business owner also need to provide alternative means of communication, for example through the message options on the website. Usually, before sending a message on the website, customers will first be asked to choose a message category.


Communication has an important role in doing business, both to maintain good relations with customers and partners and to understand the needs of potential customers. Through digital platforms, business owners can connect with customers more practically. Now, for those of you who already use the Cashlez App, you can also share proof of payment via email or instant messaging!


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