Before customers decide to purchase, of course they will find out, whether your store is a store they can trust or not. They must ensure that the products you sell are quality and that you are always ready to respond to their questions. The problem is, customer trust cannot be built instantly. Therefore, you need the following 7 tricks to increase customer loyalty.

1. Increasing customer safety and comfort when shopping
Make sure you provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere for customers who come. Especially as we know, we are entering the New Normal period which prioritizes hygiene to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To reduce contact, you can also provide the QuickShare feature of the Cashlez App. Simply send the QR code to the customer so that the customer can make payments through their e-wallet and m-banking applications.

2. Optimize online platforms
You can not only trust the customer’s trust in the physical store, but also through the online platform. Use social media actively to promote the products you offer. This trick is effective for reaching more customers. Moreover, social media can also be managed flexibly, different from physical stores that have operational hours.

3. Do more than customer expectations
Customers will not trust business people if they feel cheated. Therefore, you need to exceed customer expectations. For example, if you implement a H + 2 delivery system after the transaction, then you can send the H + 1 product after the transaction so that the customer feels satisfied. By this way, you can become a professional business owner and not disappoint customers.

4. Customer service is a system that you must provide
Customers’ trust in a brand can disappear easily if they cannot find a solution to the problem they are experiencing. Therefore, you are required to provide special services for customers who want to submit complaints, questions, and suggestions. In addition, the existence of customer service is also one form of your appreciation for customers.

5. Create a more personal brand image
When marketing, advertising, or interacting with customers, you must be able to communicate more personally. Don’t use certain chat standards to interact. Instead, invite staff to communicate with customers naturally so they can better understand customers. This simple change will have significant results because your brand image will be better in the customer’s eyes.

6. Communicate more
Whatever feedback or questions a customer gives, you must not ignore them. It would be better for you to become"talkative" than to be considered as ignorant. In addition, you also need to be open and transparent about the process that you are running. If a problem occurs, tell the customer to avoid miscommunication. As a professional entrepreneur, of course you need to apply this.

7. Always be available for customers
A business will not run without a buyer. Therefore, you must always be there for customers who need it. Make sure you include contacts that they can contact, both at physical stores, online stores, to the packaging of the products you sell. Customers will certainly feel comfortable when they can consult with someone they can rely on.

Building customer trust will require a process, not being able to get immediate results. Therefore, you need effective tricks so that you can get the customer’s trust!

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