A home service based business or providing services at home is one of the easiest ways to start your own business. The problem is that in addition to requiring a more affordable budget, home service business people usually have mastered the skills and equipment needed in their line of business.


Meanwhile, market demand for home services also tends to be easy to find because this business is directly targeting customers. So, don’t be surprised if a home service business opportunity can be the right solution for those of you whose business is affected by the pandemic. Well, usually customers are also looking for services that can be brought to their homes so they can save time and need help from experts. Here are 7 types of home service businesses that can be your inspiration!


1. Child care

If you are happy and have the ability to take care of a group of small children, from 8 to 12 hours a day, then the home childcare business opportunity is worth a try. To become a skilled babysitter, make sure you have received related training and education. And last but not least, you also need to have patience and experience in taking care of small children.


2. Become a tutor

Today, the world of education, even at the basic level, is increasingly competitive. Not a few parents who find it difficult to help their children academically. Therefore, tutor services are needed to ensure children can follow the lessons well. During this pandemic, you can do tutoring through video conferencing tools.


3. Service for pets

Animal lovers certainly really need care for their pets. There are various types of businesses related to pet services that you can do. Some of them include pet sitting, photographers for pets, and pet  food seller.


4. Services related to household needs

Not a few people are so busy with daily work that they don’t have time to do housework such as washing and cooking. You can take advantage of this opportunity as a promising business opportunity. There are several types of services that you can offer according to your skills and experience, such as personal chefs, house cleaning services, and taking care of the garden.


5. Personal Trainer

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, public awareness of the importance of maintaining health is increasing. Therefore, you can also help them to do sports exercises and improve their health. In general, to become a personal trainer, you need to get a certificate first. Then, you will also gain knowledge about physical exercise, the latest research around the world of sports, and body anatomy.


6. Professional Organizer

Different from personal trainers, this one business opportunity may sound rare. However, the professional organizer profession is very promising! You see, professional organizer services are needed by homeowners who want to make the most of the space at home or in their store.


7. Wedding Planner

Do you have the ability to help people who are having a hard time preparing for their wedding day? If yes, then this business opportunity is worth a try. Usually, a wedding planner will act as a project manager who manages all needs related to the wedding day, from flower arrangements, catering, to decorations.


During the pandemic, a home-based service business opportunity is the right solution for us to collect coffers. So, among these seven home service business opportunities, which one do you want to try?

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