Do you know what day is celebrated every November 7th? Turns out, today is National Wayang Day. We can use this moment of celebration to remember that as Indonesian citizens, we are obliged to maintain the values and traditions of the nation. You see, the culture that we have is a heritage as well as the identity of the diversity of the Indonesian nation.


Of course, efforts to preserve it can also be done in various ways, one of which is through local businesses. Want to know what are the effects of local business on the local community and the entire nation? Let’s see the following explanation!


1. Open job opportunities


Reporting from, the MSME sector has the ability to absorb 97% of human resources in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, local businesses are often referred to as the pillars of the nation’s economy. Thanks to the presence of local business owners, the rate of economic growth is increasing. In addition, these businesses also provide many job opportunities to the local residents.


2. Increase community productivity


The job opportunities that local businesses provide can also increase the productivity of the local community. This is because workers can travel to their workplace practically, without the need to spend a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, you can also have the opportunity to be directly involved in the surrounding community which of course will give you the opportunity to expand your network.


3. Increase regional income


Local businesses that develop in certain areas will increase the existing income in that area. So, you can help the community around you become more prosperous. Because they have a higher income, they can also be more flexible to meet their needs, ranging from access to education, health, to financial services.


4. Reducing carbon emissions


What is the relationship between environmental conservation and local business? In fact, these two aspects are closely related to each other because local businesses certainly require less carbon emissions. Therefore, the transportation distance becomes closer and the delivery time is also shorter. Not only that, local businesses can also be one of the sustainable business solutions that prevent habitat destruction and protect natural resources.


5. Reduce development costs


As we know, local businesses are usually established near the residence, or even at the residence of the owner. Therefore, the operational costs are also reduced. So, the area or city can make efficiency in development planning.


6. Product diversity


Local businesses have a lot of potential to deliver innovative products and services. This is what makes the products presented by the local business sector tend to be unique and not easy to find in other retail businesses. You can deepen this potential through collaboration with other local business people. In addition, you can also present a Cashlez Payment Gateway non-cash transaction solution to make it easier for customers to make payments.


7. Strengthening community identity


One of the important roles that local businesses have for the community is to maintain the values and traditions there. Through these local businesses, tourists can get to know the beauty and culture of the surrounding community. Of course, this culture is a pride and identity that must be maintained by every member of the community in an area.


Local businesses are often associated with small-scale businesses and have limited human resources. However, this business actually has great potential to advance the community. Make the local business you run grow with Cashlez’s cashless payment solution. Through one application, you can conveniently provide various payment options, such as virtual accounts, QRIS, to installments.

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