During the month of Ramadan, not a few people open seasonal businesses, one of which is the takjil business. Moreover, takjil is often sought before the time of breaking the fast. Usually, seasonal business owners who sell takjil can be found on the roadside.


What is meant by takjil?


Usually, takjil is often interpreted as “snack,” but, as reported from megapolitan.kompas.com, takjil in the Big Indonesian Dictionary means “to hasten in breaking the fast. The word takjil comes from the Arabic "Ajila" which means to hasten. Hence, this word refers to the command to break the fast immediately.

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Indonesian takjil as a business opportunity


As a country that is rich in regional culinary diversity, you can also find various types of takjil, ranging from sweet to salty. Want to know what types of takjil are often used as seasonal business ideas? Come on, find out more through the following link!


1. Red bean ice


You may be familiar with soup dishes that use red bean as the basic ingredient. However, did you know that red beans can also be processed into a fresh dish with shaved ice and syrup or sweetened condensed? This snack from Palembang is perfect for quenching thirst when breaking the fast.

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2. Green Banana Ice


This Makassar culinary specialty is one of the popular takjil menu choices. You can find green banana ice in various regions in Indonesia. As the name implies, this snack is wrapped in rice flour dough which is given natural coloring from pandan leaves or suji leaves.


3. Aloe Vera Ice


Who says aloe vera is only suitable for making skincare ingredients? You can also process aloe vera into a refreshing and nutritious drink. The taste will remind us of nata de coco.


4. Ice Oyen


Even though it comes from Bandung, this ice cream is also popular in various other cities. Moreover, es oyen also consists of a mixture of various fruits such as avocado, kolang-kaling, young coconut, and durian. In addition, this ice also has another characteristic, namely a mixture of “pacar cina”.


5. Ice Dawet


Es dawet is a dish from Banjarnegara which can also be the right choice as a seasonal business idea. Dawet has a soft and chewy texture and is combined with the sweet taste of brown sugar and a mixture of coconut milk. Very interesting, right?


6. Green Bean Porridge


This dish, often called “burkajo”, is a dish made from green beans, coconut milk, and coconut sugar or palm sugar. Green bean porridge usually can also be eaten together with other dishes such as white bread or toast. When breaking the fast, burkajo can be eaten with ice cubes to refresh the throat.


7. Kolak


This type of takjil you must have often encountered during the month of Ramadan. The basic ingredients used to make compote are palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. Meanwhile, there are various mixtures for compote that you can use, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, and kolang kaling.


You can use various types of takjil typical of the archipelago as inspiration for opening a seasonal business. When you take advantage of the moment of breaking your fast to sell, make sure to also use the Cashlez Payment Gateway which provides a variety of payment options, such as Cashlez Link, Virtual Account, online card payment, and credit/debit cards.

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