It is undeniable that nowadays, food taste is not the only determinant of the success of the culinary business. As you see, we also need to follow trends by finding out what types of food and drinks are currently popular among the public. Of course, food and beverage trends in Indonesia are very diverse, for example, such as food and beverages that come from abroad. Come on, let’s reminisce and look back at the types of snacks from abroad that were trending in Indonesia!


  1. Milo’s Ice Cream

This dessert, which was viral around 2018, was popularized by soft drink sellers from Malaysia! The seller is a  couple, namely Saed Lamin and Shariah Hashim who created their drink with milo as the main ingredient. In Indonesia alone, this dessert is sold at a range of IDR 5,000 to IDR 15,000.


  1. Macaron

This French cake has attractive colors, sweet taste, and a hard texture on the outside, but soft on the inside. Macarons are made using almond flour, egg whites, and powdered sugar or icing sugar. Apart from being sold in one package, many cake businessmen also use macaron as a topping for their cakes.


  1. Rainbow Cake

Well, this one cake also went viral about 9 years ago. Made with 6 layers of different colors and spread with cream cheese, rainbow cake is a great choice for dessert lovers. Meanwhile, did you know that this one cake was first popular in the United States!


  1. Takoyaki

For those of you who like to watch Anime and J-Drama, you must be familiar with this Japanese snack. Yup, takoyaki is a typical Japanese food that has ball-like form and uses octopus. In Indonesia, the contents of takoyaki are also made with various ingredients, such as cheese, sausage, and smoked beef.


  1. Thai cassava

This popular dessert in the White Elephant Country is very popular and is widely served in hotels and restaurants. The combination of savory, sweet, soft, and sticky flavors on the tongue is a special feature for culinary lovers. Moreover, this snack is also relatively affordable, which is around IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000.


  1. Mango Thai

Just like Thai cassava, Mango Thai has also become a trendy business opportunity, namely around 2017. This drink made from mango smoothie is also served with coconut milk sauce and a few pieces of mango. In addition, usually we can also ask the seller to add ice cream toppings!


  1. Roti John

This sandwich with an omelette is actually a Malay culinary treat in Singapore during the British colonial period. Roti John then became popular in the surrounding countries, namely Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Indonesia. Even though in Indonesia this snack is often used as an evening snack, this bread is actually a breakfast menu!


So, among the foods and drinks that were once famous, which ones are your favorites? Through this food and beverage phenomenon, we as business actors can also learn that even though it is only temporary, selling trending foods and drinks will really help increase sales!


Hence, you also have to always update so that you can adjust your food and drinks to the tastes of customers. This can help you prepare new products, especially when the products you offer are no longer popular. And of course, use Cashlez so that the payment process is easy and safe!
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