The month of Ramadan is one of the most awaited moments every year. Apart from being an opportunity to multiply rewards, business owners can also experience joy this month. You see, there are many opportunities they can try to increase their income.


Basically, there are various business ideas that can be run during the fasting month. Moreover, the needs of customers also vary, ranging from food, clothing, to worship equipment. Not surprisingly, this opportunity can give you many benefits. So, if you want to run a business in the digital era, you can consider the 7 products that are most sought after during the fasting month.

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1. Equipment for Worship


Starting from the fasting month until before Eid Al-Fitr, sales of worship equipment will increase. Some types of worship equipment that are often sought after by customers are prayer mats, mukenas, and sarongs. Meanwhile, ahead of Eid al-Fitr, usually Muslim clothing brands will also issue special Ramadan edition products.

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2. Dates


This one fruit is very synonymous with the fasting month. Not surprisingly, the demand for dates has increased during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, the dates sold also vary. You can choose it based on quality and taste. The higher the quality of the dates, the higher the price offered. Some of the most popular types of dates are Ajwa dates, Sukari dates, and young dates.


3. Takjil


Takjil hunting activities have become one of the habits that are carried out during the fasting month. What’s more, there are various choices of takjil that customers can choose from, such as savory fried foods, various sweet-tasting compotes, and fruit ice that refreshes the throat. Usually, these various takjil can be found in places to eat or sellers in stalls on the side of the road.

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4. Seasoning Ready to Serve


In the midst of a busy routine during the month of Ramadan, many people will need ready-to-eat seasonings. These spices will help them prepare dishes in a practical and delicious way. They no longer need to spend time making their own spices, they only need to prepare the main ingredients and ready-to-eat spices needed.

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5. Various choices of syrup


When the fasting month arrives, syrup is one of the most sought after products. You see, this one drink is often used as an ingredient to make various dishes, ranging from fruit ice, pudding, to other fresh drinks. If you want to sell syrup, then be sure to provide a wide selection of syrup flavors, such as cocopandan, orange or soursop.


6. Market snacks


Various market snacks are often sought after by people, especially before breaking the fast. You see, these snacks are practical and can be eaten immediately. What’s more, there are various choices that can be adjusted to individual tastes, such as putu cakes, serabum klepon, and layer cakes.


7. Hampers


As one of the moments that is often used to establish friendship with the closest people, the Ramadhan moment is often a big opportunity for hampers businesses. You see, there will be lots of hampers orders sent from customers to their relatives and colleagues. The types of hampers offered will vary, for example books, herbs, snacks, and cloth. These hampers can be adjusted to the taste of the recipient.


Understanding the most sought-after products during Ramadan can give us inspiration to expand our business. Of course, besides looking at opportunities based on product type, we also need to provide services that match customer needs. One of them is a wide selection of payment methods from the Cashlez Payment Gateway.
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