When just starting a business, a business owner will naturally focus on a few things they are interested in, such as operations, marketing, or sales. Well, without realizing it, this tendency can make you override the mechanisms and procedures in operational matters. In fact, building an operational system is very important for the success of a business.


What is meant by business operations?

Business operations refer to everything that is done in the company so that the business can continue. Therefore, it is not surprising that business actors also need to think about operational matters in their business plans. To prepare for business operations, company founders must first understand things that are useful for their organization, such as human resources, business systems, and the equipment needed. So what are the tips for building an effective operational system? Here are 7 tricks you can do.


1. Set expectations for team members

Business operations are of course directly related to the achievements and challenges faced by the team. Therefore, it is very important for business owners to provide direction and feedback so that team members can be inspired and improve their performance. Of course, in an effective business operation, management is needed that manages the business operational system without ego, but the desire to move forward.


2. Make sure everything is structured

In a business, you and your team also need to organize the assets you have. There are various types of assets, such as documents, procedures, policies, promotional materials, agreements, proposals, and so on. When each asset is organized and managed, you and your team will not spend too much time looking for it, but can be more productive doing other crucial things.


3. Development of onboarding process

Do you know? For newly recruited staff, the early days and weeks have a significant impact on their long-term experience. So, you also have to consider, what things can you help to motivate the staff and introduce them to the company culture.


4. Maximize the resources you have

The operational system is an important thing that ensures that your business runs smoothly. Well, to build a quality system, make sure you maximize the resources you have. Moreover, operations are generally task-focused and not always predictable. Therefore, you have to build habits and systems that help the process of doing these tasks.


5. Have clear procedures

In running a business, you and your team must clearly understand the process of working on a project. You see, this will affect the effectiveness of the team and minimize the risk of miscommunication. Well, one of the simple things that will help us to have a clear procedure is to make sure everything is transparent.


6. Always open to feedback

Maybe, you are the founder of a business, but your business will not run without the role of other team members. So, make sure to always be open to input and ideas because their feedback will help your business progress.


7. Provide the best service for customers

An effective business operating system does not only focus on one thing, such as the sales process. Instead, business owners must also pay attention to all aspects, for example when there are obstacles experienced by customers. Provide the best customer service for customers because this is where your business reputation shows.


By establishing a business operational system, you and your staff can create good habits that affect business development. In addition, the operational system will make it easier for staff to understand the work framework.


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