Fashion is included as one of the basic human needs besides food and clothing. Not surprisingly, there are a variety of clothing products on offer, such as pants, t-shirts, and shirts. Often, clothes are also purchased to attend various special events, such as graduations, work visits, to annual meetings.

Of course, the tendency to buy clothes can make the number of clothes in the closet more and more. In fact, not all of these clothes we will use for everyday. To solve this problem, you can open a preloved business of various clothes. In addition to getting benefits, you can also keep your closet tidy without a pile of clothes. So, in order to make the preloved business run according to plan, make sure you prepare the following 7 things!

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1. Collecting preloved items


There are various preloved fashion products that you can start collecting, such as hats, jackets, to shirts. Of course, these items can not only be obtained from your clothing collection, but also from the clothing collections of friends or family members that are no longer used. If the product is not your own, then be sure to discuss the selling price of the item with the owner.


2. The condition of the product is still good


When you decide to sell clothes, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the clothes can still be used. For example, when the clothes have holes, of course the clothes can no longer be used. However, if the clothes are still in good condition, then you can offer them to potential buyers.


3. Describe the condition of the product


Do you know what is one of the challenges when running a preloved business? Apparently, an explanation of the condition of preloved goods also has a big influence on whether the buyer will decide to buy the product or not. Meanwhile, detailed product descriptions also help you to build trust with customers.

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4. Participate in events


To reach potential buyers, you can not only offer preloved products online, but also directly through events such as bazaars. So, visitors will browse the products you sell and buy them on the spot. Now, to make the transaction process easier, make sure to use the Cashlez business application, which provides a variety of non-cash payments.


5. Offer on online platforms


Not all customers can directly buy preloved clothes that you sell. It could be that they live in a different city and need a delivery service. To simplify the buying process, start installing the products you sell on online platforms, such as e-commerce or marketplaces.


6. Promote digitally


Advances in digital technology help business people, including those of you who have a preloved business, to find potential customers. The trick is through advertising on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. At first, you must first determine the criteria for potential buyers based on the type of clothing you are selling. These criteria can then be used as a reference for targeting ads.


7. Give attractive offers


Want to make preloved clothes more in demand? Try to offer attractive offers, such as buy two get one free promotions or discounts on multiple purchases. Meanwhile, you can also provide additional information to buyers, such as how to wash clothes based on the ingredients.


A preloved business can be the right choice for those of you who want to find business opportunities while removing clothes that are no longer used. In order for your products to be noticed by buyers, make sure you provide goods that are good-quality and affordable!

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