Transportation has become one of the necessities that help us to be able to travel from one place to another. Not surprisingly, as reported by, data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) states that the number of vehicles in Indonesia in 2019 reached 133 million units. Compared to the previous 2 years, this number indicates an increase of 5%.


Of course, the large number of vehicles in Indonesia also opens up many business opportunities in the automotive sector. So, you can also consider opening this type of business. Moreover, there are several business options in the automotive sector that you can try, as well as the following 7 types of businesses!


1. Car wash business


Do you want to open a business in the automotive sector that has great potential for a quick return on investment? A car wash service could be the right solution for you. You see, private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, of course, must be cleaned regularly so that they look attractive. Especially if the vehicle has been exposed to rain. Car owners should immediately take it to the vehicle wash to avoid the risk of corrosion of the paint.

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2. Vehicle repair services


Especially for those of you who have a background in the automotive field, this one business can be the right potential. You see, there are various opportunities that you can get to deepen your knowledge in the automotive field as well as help customers to repair the damage that occurs to their vehicles.


3. Vehicle tire shop


Tires are one of the most important elements in your customer’s vehicle. Therefore, you can also open a shop that provides a wide selection of tires for vehicles. Of course, you also have to know the types of tires you are selling and what vehicles are suitable for using these tires.

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4. Parking lot rental


The increase in the number of vehicles turns out to be a new problem because of the limited parking space available. Therefore, those of you who have large land can turn it into a parking area that is rented out for various types of vehicles, such as trucks or cars.


5. Vehicle registration agency


One of the things that need to be taken care of when someone owns a vehicle is the documents needed when making buying and selling transactions. These letters become legal documents that will be needed when one day the vehicle owner wants to sell his vehicle again. If you have experience dealing with these documents, don’t hesitate to offer services in this field!


6. Creator who reviews various vehicles


Who says business in the automotive sector can only be done digitally? In the digital era, there are many opportunities for those of you who have a passion in the automotive field to become content creators. These contents can be in the form of reviews related to vehicles, ranging from specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.


7. Car salon business


This one service presents a solution for your customers who want to make their vehicle look more attractive. There are various types of services that you can provide, such as car coating to protect vehicle paint, cleaning to ensure cleanliness, and fogging to keep the vehicle fresh.


An entrepreneur must always adjust to market demand. And for business people in the automotive sector, there are various potential business opportunities that you can try early on. Of course, make sure to also provide a cashless payment solution from Cashlez to simplify the transaction process and monitoring sales reports!

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