Sharing is one of the ways we can show concern for others. Moreover, basically doing good can’t only be done on certain occasions, but on various things, such as when we run a business.


Meanwhile, the assistance program initiated by you as an entrepreneur can also show that the business you run can have a positive impact on society. Indirectly, this will also have an impact on increasing your business reputation. And the good news is, running a business while sharing goodness is not difficult! You can start from these 7 simple ways!

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1. Understand your concern


When you want to channel help through the business you run, you must first understand what makes you compelled to help others. Of course, the reason must have a good purpose so that the goodness conveyed can be meaningful for your business and society.


2. Match your mission of kindness with your business mission


Like the business that you run, the chain of goodness that you apply as a business actor of course also has a purpose. Therefore, you can adjust your mission to share goodness with the business mission you are running. This will make it easier for you to introduce your business brand.

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3. Partnering with other organizations


You want to help people in need in a campaign? There is nothing wrong with partnering with other organizations. So, instead of preparing everything according to yourself, you can actually work together so that in the end each party and the community at large can participate and feel the benefits of this collaboration.


4. Give appreciation to team members


As a business owner, you can not only provide assistance to outsiders. You see, you can also spread kindness through the good relationships created between fellow team members. Moreover, this appreciation will also make team members to begin to recognize potential problems.


5. Anticipating obstacles that may arise


So that the plan you are doing can run successfully, make sure to always anticipate. You see, regardless of how well you and your team have planned, in reality it could be that things are very different from what was expected. Likewise when you want to hold a donation activity. Of course, you must have a plan, but make sure to always be flexible in adjusting the implementation of the plan.


6. Be open


Running a business while sharing does have to be done in a different way than when you donate individually. You see, in doing business, you also need to understand how the staff and the surrounding community will respond to the fundraising activity plan that you are going to do. Therefore, you also need to be transparent. For example, you could mention that one tenth of your total profit will be donated to a certain organization.


7. Adjust to your target market


You need to determine who will receive your donation. Well, you can adjust this target to your market. You see, this will make the people you invite to donate feel more familiar. For example, you have a toy business and invite your customers to participate in helping orphaned children.


Regardless of how big or small an aid is, the care your business shows can be a way to ease the burden on those in need. In addition, the sharing actions that you do will also help you to be more sensitive to the community. And of course, this will also make it easier for you to present the best payment services so that customers can make transactions more comfortable.

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