Next week, we will commemorate the 77th Birthday of the Republic of Indonesia or also known as August 17th. There are various customs that are often carried out at this celebration, ranging from flag ceremonies, screenings of independence-themed films, to interesting competitions. Meanwhile, August 17 is also a National Holiday.


As a business owner, you can also hold a promotion on August 17th. You see, during holidays like August 17, people tend to have the desire to shop. In order for the promotion you are running to run successfully, be sure to follow these 7 tips.

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1. Create an easy-to-understand promotion


Maybe, you thought that the more details of the promotion you run, the more interested buyers will be. However, this is not necessarily correct. You see, promotions that are simple and easy to understand will actually be more effective. Therefore, if you want to implement a promotion, make sure the promotion can be reached by every target customer. This can be done through the use of a promotional code or listing the original price compared to the after-discount price.


2. Use bundling promotion


If you want to increase sales, then don’t hesitate to apply a bundling promo. So, instead of just placing a discount on one product, you actually sell several products that are offered at special prices. This strategy will make products that were not very popular before become more popular with customers. Now, to find out which products are purchased the most and the least by customers, you can use the Cashlez Reporting feature which automatically records sales.

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3. Invite customers to leave reviews


Before your potential customers decide to buy, they will first make considerations, for example in terms of quality and price. Not infrequently, they will also seek information about product quality from people who have previously shopped. So, when you want to effectively promote your product on August 17th, you also need to display the reviews that your customers have made.


4. Install ads


No matter how interesting the type of promotion you run, you will still find it difficult to increase sales if you have not been able to reach your target customers. Fortunately, in this digital era, you can take advantage of advertisements on online platforms. Set the target recipient of the ad according to the customer criteria you want.


5. Propose additional events


The excitement of the promotions that you run will increase if you hold additional events. You can prepare the event in a simple, but interesting way, such as the August 17 competitions. This will increase audience enthusiasm and increase your brand awareness.


6. Try different types of promotions


Even though you are advised to put up promotions that are easy to understand, that doesn’t mean you can only rely on one activity. Sometimes, you also need to try different types of promotions that you tailor to your audience. For example, for an audience on social media, you can hold activities such as giveaways. Meanwhile, the audience on the website can get clearance sale offers.


7. Make your promotion memorable


Basically, every business owner tends to hold promotions on national holidays. So, it is not impossible that your business promotion will be missed by the audience. To prevent this, you need to create an attractive promotion and use a personal approach. When a customer is shopping, you can also give a thank you card or sample product as a form of your appreciation for them.


The moment of celebration of August 17 can be celebrated in various ways. For business owners, this moment provides many opportunities to increase brand awareness as well as sales. So, have you decided what promotions you will run ahead of August 17th?


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