Keeping company documents is one of the common things that business owners do. However, do you know that these habits will help you in many ways? For example, when you are dealing with taxes in your business, you can find the necessary documents easily, without wasting time and effort. So, what types of documents should you keep? Come on, find out the answer in the following explanation!


1. Sales report


Through sales reports, you can find out how much revenue you earn. Now, to make it easier for you to monitor, there is a Cashlez Reporting feature which records all sales reports directly. So, you can access all transactions anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, also make sure to always withdraw sales report data. Because the data on the Cashlez Reporting dashboard is deleted automatically every four months.

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2. Invoices from vendors and suppliers


Documents that you also have to keep when managing your business are invoices that you send to vendors or suppliers. The invoice is proof of payment for the goods or services you use. Through the invoice, you can evaluate the profits and losses that you get. Meanwhile, you also have to make sure that each invoice has a complete description.


3. Business equipment expenses


When you run a business, of course there are other equipment that you need outside of the production process. Some examples are stationery, printers, and tables for cashiers. Well, you also need to record these expenses so that you know the allocation of your business funds in detail.


4. Transportation expenses


Even if you are currently running a business from home, sometimes you need transportation, for example when making deliveries to customers or meeting potential business partners. The proof of transportation costs also needs to be stored neatly so that you can find it practically when needed. If you provide a vehicle for business purposes, you also need to save details of maintenance costs and fuel costs that you have spent.

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5. Advertising costs


As a business actor in the digital era, of course you can also take advantage of online platforms. Through this platform, there will be more customers that you can reach. One way that can be used is through advertising. You also need to save proof of payment when running the ad on a regular basis based on the date of the ad.


6. Proof of income tax


When you are dealing with tax matters in business, your business income tax receipt is a very essential document. Usually, you can save this income tax proof in digital form so you can access it easily.


7. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)


In order for your business to be managed effectively, you must of course provide a standard operating procedure (SOP). The SOP is a reference for you and your team to carry out their respective tasks, for example in managing product supply, marketing, and recording cash flow. Through the SOP, you can ensure that the entire team can work according to the provisions that have been set.


It seems that keeping documents related to business is indeed a simple thing. However, these habits will really help you to manage your business efficiently. In addition, you can also ensure that data about your business can be stored effectively.

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