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When just starting a business, MSME actors can experience difficulties. The reason is, they must be able to perform various tasks, from managing and planning a business, working with staff, managing finances and documents, and other detailed matters. Of course, these things take a long time.


So, so that you can manage MSMEs effectively, you can rely on digital platforms. You see, these platforms present business solutions that help the work of MSME owners. Let’s find out what platforms you can rely on through the following reviews!

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1. Online shops


Along with the development of digital technology, there are various platforms that provide solutions for businesses to open online stalls. The platform provides a variety of conveniences, from business registration on the platform, product listings, to a choice of non-cash payment methods. Not surprisingly, the process of opening an online store can be done more quickly and practically. Later, buyers can find products for sale through the search feature on the platform.


2. Platform for customer service


In the midst of a busy routine as a business owner, you can rely on digital solutions to provide customer service. Through this solution, you can set up a customer service system so that the customer service process can be carried out more effectively. One example is through creating FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which make it easier for customers to find solutions.

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3. Online learning platforms


Apart from selling, online platforms can also help the process of digitizing MSMEs through access to online learning. These platforms will offer seminars or training that can be attended by MSMEs. Some examples are how to maximize digital marketing for sales, how to photograph products, and how to build good relationships with customers. These online classes not only help MSMEs to broaden their digital horizons, but also broaden their networking because they meet new people they know.


4. Payment services


Whether selling online or offline, MSMEs need to provide non-cash payment services. The problem is, nowadays there are many customers who no longer use cash to shop, but instead use credit/debit cards or e-wallets on their cell phones. So, if you haven’t provided cashless payment services, you can register your business with the Cashlez Payment Gateway.


5. Digital marketing platforms


Digital marketing has become one of the ways businesses use to increase sales. However, to manage it, it takes a lot of effort, starting from analysis, follow-up, and other things that are done consistently. Of course, this is a challenge for MSME actors who have limited human resources and have to carry out their own production. For this reason, the digital marketing platform is presented as a solution that helps MSME players to monitor their business developments efficiently.


6. Data storage


If in the past all sales data were recorded through books, now the data owned by MSME actors can be stored digitally. Moreover, there are platforms that can be used to store data. So, you will have a back-up in anticipation of things beyond expectations.


7. Collaboration with the team


You certainly want every job in the business to run smoothly without a hitch. This is where the collaboration platform is important to monitor every achievement that has been made. Not only that, this platform will also help you to work with the whole team.


The presence of digital platforms has become a technology-based business solution that can help MSMEs. The problem is, these platforms will make it easier for MSME actors to complete their work. For example, if you generally need hours to reconcile transactions, now you can monitor transaction reports practically through the Cashlez Reporting service!

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