The business owner is the leader for the staffs. Therefore, you must be able to support your team members to trust each other and help each other. Not only that, you also need to show appreciation for them, one of which is through Valentine’s Day which will soon arrive.


Of course, there are various ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with the staff. Do you want to know what Valentine’s Day celebration ideas are among business people and their staff? Don’t miss this one review!

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1. Host a fundraiser


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can hold a fundraising activity together with the staff. The fundraising will then be distributed to institutions in need, such as orphanages and social institutions. Not only staff can be invited to participate, customers can also be offered to donate to this event.


2. Put up an appreciation board


Want to have a simple yet meaningful Valentine’s Day celebration? If so, you can use an appreciation board. So, the staff can write their appreciation for people anonymously. This method can help you and your staff to support one another.

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3. Hold an event


You can celebrate Valentine at the place of business together with the staff through gatherings. On this occasion, you can ask the staff to get together and do fun things together, for example through competitions, games, and taking photos. If you become a Cashlez merchant, you don’t need to worry about the smooth running of your business. You see, even though you are holding a gathering, your business sales report will always be automatically recorded in the sales report (Cashlez Reporting).

4. Provide Valentine’s goodie bags


Another creative way that you can apply to celebrate Valentine is by giving goodie bags. The contents of the goodie bag can vary, for example like chocolate or cookies. The goodie bags that you have filled can later be given directly to each staff or placed on their own desks.


5. Appreciation for the best staff


The smooth running of your business is inseparable from the support of the staff. Therefore, you can also make Valentine’s moment an opportunity to give appreciation to the best staff. This appreciation can be made based on several considerations, such as the number of sales made or voting.


6. Make greeting cards for the staff


If you want to celebrate Valentine in a simple way, then make a greeting card for each staff. Besides being easy, giving greeting cards also doesn’t require a lot of money and can be done quickly. To express gratitude, you can also give a personalized greeting, for example based on the contribution they made.


7. Decorating your store


Before Valentine’s Day, try to get the staff together to decorate the place of business using a Valentine’s theme. You can use pink or red balloons. In addition, the use of decorations on tables and chairs will also beautify the appearance of the place of business. In fact, you can also buy some decorations so that your place becomes instagrammable.


Celebrating the moment of Valentine’s Day with colleagues is one way to strengthen team cohesiveness. Use this moment as effectively as possible so that each team member can enjoy the excitement of Valentine’s celebration. The better the work life balance, the more productive things you can do.

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