UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) is a type of business that contributes the highest percentage in Indonesia. According to, there will be 65.46 million MSMEs in 2021. Not surprisingly, MSMEs are one of the pillars for economic growth.


Even so, not a few business actors in the MSME sector are facing challenges, one of which is adapting to the digital era. In fact, as time goes by, the level of business competition is getting higher. As a solution, MSME actors need to "Upgrade" through the following 7 ways!

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1. Make sure you know the purpose


When you already have a goal, then you can focus more on pursuing what you want to achieve. Not only that, the goals in the strategy that you set will also make it easier for you to measure how much process you have gone through. Through business goals, you will be motivated to get out of your comfort zone and try new challenges that you might not have thought of before.


2. Study consistently


Regardless of how many achievements you have obtained, you must still understand that business actors must continue to learn. Of course, not all business actors have the same time to attend classes as students do. However, there will be many other alternatives that you can try to gain knowledge, such as attending seminars and training.

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3. Increase your productivity


Before opening a shop, try to make a list of the work you need to do. This does look simple, but you will get used to prioritizing from here. Thus, you will become more productive because you can distinguish which work is important and must be done immediately and which you can do later.


4. Focus on customer satisfaction


Behind business success, there is always the role of customers who always use the products and services that you present. Therefore, if you want to make your MSME business grow, be sure to find out what they want. The higher their level of satisfaction, the more opportunities you have to be recommended.


5. Change the marketing strategy


If you want to reach more potential customers, then be sure to change the marketing method that you have been using. You see, you will find it difficult to offer products effectively if you use the same method. Apart from marketing products to people who live around you, you can also place advertisements on online platforms, such as social media. Target the ad on the right customer category.


6. Automate


In running a business, not everything you can do alone. Moreover, now there are many digital-based business solutions that help you manage your business, such as the Cashlez business application. In one application, you can present various non-cash payment systems, starting from Online Card Payments, Virtual Accounts, QR Payments, and so on.


7. Perform periodic evaluations


One of the habits that will also make MSMEs rise in class is conducting evaluations. One aspect that you can consider is the supplier you use. Does the supplier you use provide quality goods and can meet your needs on time? In addition, also consider the distance and other operational costs needed to obtain supplies of goods.


MSMEs have great potential for a country‚Äôs economic growth. Moreover, MSMEs can also increase employment so that the unemployment rate can be reduced. Let’s make your MSMEs even more classy with digital business solutions from Cashlez!
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