Ahead of the month of Ramadan, there are many side business opportunities that can be run. Through these opportunities, you can increase your income and increase your savings. Moreover, a side business can be run by anyone, both those who work as business actors and those who work, study or carry out other activities.

If you are a business owner, having a side business can also help you promote your main business. Meanwhile, side businesses run by employees can help them learn to do business flexibly. So, even though the business you are running is temporary, you certainly have to run it in earnest. The following eight business ideas can be your consideration for a side business during the month of Ramadan 2023.


1. Fresh drink


Towards the time of breaking the fast, many people tend to look for fresh drinks after a day of fasting. Therefore, you can also open a fresh drink stand in the hours before breaking the fast. Offer a variety of menu choices, such as fruit ice, iced coffee, juice, and dawet ice. To attract the attention of potential customers, also hold promos, for example, such as free 1 product for a certain transaction nominal.


2. Custom THR Envelopes


When entering the month of Ramadan, many people are getting ready to welcome Eid al-Fitr, one of which is allocating funds to provide THR. So, you can take advantage of this situation by offering custom THR envelope services so that your customers can buy envelopes that suit their tastes. Besides that, you can also include a greeting column on the THR envelope.

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3. Dates and candied fruit


When asked what types of fruit are popular when the fasting month arrives, surely many of us will mention dates. Of course, dates are indeed one of the most sought-after types of fruit during the month of Ramadan, so they are suitable for you to make as a side business opportunity. Apart from dates, you can also offer a variety of candied fruit.


4. Muslim clothing


A side business opportunity that also has great potential during the fasting month is the Muslim clothing business. You see, many people are looking for Muslim clothing, ranging from men, women, to children. To run this business, you can become a reseller or open a pre-order system.


5. Catering Services


During the month of Ramadan, the catering business will also be sought after. Moreover, there are various events that are usually carried out by potential customers, one of which is the Iftar event. To provide consumption, the committee will order a catering service that already provides a complete menu, from drinks, main dishes to desserts.

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6. Various choices of kolak


Who is not familiar with kolak? Takjil this one is very popular among the people of Indonesia. That’s why you should also consider business opportunities for various kolak. What’s more, when selling kolak, you no longer need to cook one order at a time. You see, you’ve cooked all of the kolak so it’s enough to serve according to the portion the customer requested.


7. Various fruits


As a dessert, fruits are often sought after during the fasting month. Moreover, consumption of fruits can also help the body to stay fit. Apart from that, the fruits that you offer can also be processed by customers to make iftar dishes, from fro and fro to cantaloupe ice.


8. Parcel production services


If you are interested in running a home business idea, then you can consider parcel production services. This business potential is quite promising because there are many people who need parcels to be sent to those closest to them. The more attractive the appearance of the parcel that you offer, the greater the interest of customers to buy.


Basically, the side business that you want to run must be well prepared. Do considerations before making a decision about what type of side business to run and how you will manage it. So, do you already have a plan for what type of business you want to run and provide various payment methods?

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