Approaching the new year, there will usually be a lot of people preparing resolutions. The goal is simple, namely to motivate them so that they can try their best and achieve what they want. Not only that, knowing New Year’s resolutions will also make you more focused and not easily distracted by other things.


One type of resolution that many people often have is a resolution on career aspects, such as opening their own business. The reasons are varied, for example, some want to be more independent, develop their skills and interests, to increase their income. So, what are the business ideas that you can run next year? Let’s see some of the following business idea recommendations!

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1. Digital products


As we know, digitalization is present in various aspects of our lives. Not surprisingly, many digital-based products are spread, for example, such as design templates, podcasts, online courses, and music. When you offer these products, you don’t have to prepare packing and shipping goods.


2. Traveling services


Traveling services are one of the business ideas that can make you benefit practically. To run this one business, you can work with companies that provide transportation, accommodation, and tour guides at a tourist destination. Not only that, you can also become a Cashlez partner so that the non cash transaction process can be carried out practically through Virtual Accounts, Payment Links, QRIS, and so on.


3. Service Providers


Not everyone who decides to do business starts a joint venture with his colleagues. Many also started their own business and offered the skills they mastered to potential service users. You can also provide services based on the skills you have, such as programming skills or vehicle repair.

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In the past, business actors usually had to stock up on merchandise in stores or at their homes. But now, business owners don’t have to provide product stock anymore. They can rely on the dropship system, which is a third party that connects producers and buyers.


5. Pet Grooming


Want to be a service provider for animal lovers? You can consider a pet grooming business opportunity. This one business has a wide variety of services, such as cutting nails, bathing, and hair cutting. To start this business, try promoting it to animal owners around your place. Also use social media to show details of services and results of services that have been carried out.


6. Printing


In a way, the printing business is a business that will not be affected by time. Regardless of the time period, there will always be requests from customers to print. Not to mention, the type of printing required can also vary. Some of them include merchandise, brochures, and posters.


7. Translation services


Apart from printing, foreign language translation services are also timeless. There will always be customers who need your foreign language skills, regardless of their various purposes, such as for migration documents. In order to make your translator profile even more interesting, don’t forget to include a portfolio.


8. Homemade products


Business in 2023 can be started from what you are interested in. So, if you like making homemade products, from soap to knitting bags to food, use this interest as an opportunity to make a profit. Besides being able to run flexibly, this business also has the potential to become a prolonged business.


In the new year, you must have new hopes to achieve your dreams. Stay optimistic even though there will always be challenges. Because thanks to persistence, the effort you put in will not be in vain.

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