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We are getting closer to The Independence Day as Indonesians will be celebrate the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia with the theme Strong Indonesia, Growing Indonesia. Even though we are still fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, we can still feel the liveliness of August 17th. So, don’t be surprised if there are 8 business opportunities ahead of Independence Day that we can also take advantage of as in the following review.


1. Flag

This year, we still have to celebrate August 17th from our homes. Nevertheless, we can still carry out the tradition that is also often carried out before Independence Day, namely putting up the Red and White Flag. Therefore, if you have sewing skills, don’t hesitate to start optimizing your skills to increase the coffers from the business of selling flags.


2. Indonesian Themed Merchandise

In addition to flags, a business that has also become popular towards August 17 is a merchandise business with an Indonesian theme. The merchandise can vary, such as glasses, key chains, and tote bags. To sell this merchandise, you can provide your own design or it is custom so that it can be adjusted to customer requests.


3. Tumpeng

As one of the popular foods among the people of Java, Bali and Madura, tumpeng is often served to welcome certain celebrations. Now, in the midst of the establishment of health protocols, those of you who are experienced in making tumpeng can also open a pre-order system so that your customers can enjoy one of the typical Indonesian dishes on Independence Day.


4. Costume Rent

Before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, we could see various parades that were usually attended by school students to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day. They will usually wear traditional traditional clothes from various provinces in Indonesia. Even though we can’t see the parade yet, the costume rental business is still promising. Because there are various virtual events or photo shoots that still require traditional clothes.


5. Photography Services

Well, like costume rental services, those of you who have skills in the field of photography can also take advantage of the 17 August moment to provide attractive offers for potential customers. Moreover, not a few of your customers want to capture this special moment through a photo shoot. To make it more interesting, also provide photo concepts related to Indonesia and the spirit of nationalism!


6. Pennants and Banners Printing

In addition to the red and white flag, usually the Indonesian Independence Day will also be enlivened by the installation of banners and greetings on banners. This moment is what printing business owners can take advantage of. The reason is that these pennants are not only installed by the people on the side of the road, but also by government agencies.


7. Event Organizer

Who says event organizers can’t work in the middle of a pandemic? Today, there are many virtual events that are no less exciting than live events. Therefore, the moment of August 17 will also be your opportunity to show your skills. Adjust the concept of the event to the client’s request, whether you want to hold a formal, semi-formal, or non-formal event.


8. Make-up Artist

As one of the important moments for the people of Indonesia, not a few people also need the services of a make up artist (MUA) on Independence Day. You see, there are important virtual events that are usually held, such as ceremonies, competitions, and seminars. Of course, you must provide a booking system to make it easier for you and your customers to schedule your make-up and get satisfactory results. Regarding transactions, you can use the Cashlez App, a modern business solution that accepts various types of non-cash payments.


Special moments like Independence Day are indeed a good opportunity for business people. There are various profitable business options. Do you have a seasonal business plan ahead of August 17th?
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