Running a home-based food business is challenging because you can’t just wait for an incoming order. Promotions are needed, either by word of mouth or through special offers so that people can recognize your business easily.


Being a good leader is not something that can be done instantly. You need to keep practicing to enrich your abilities and at the same time learn in your business. That way, then you can be wiser. So, what is a good leader like? Of course, the way people lead their teams will be different. But in general, an effective business leader must have the following 8 characteristics.


  1. Having self-awareness

One of the most important and must-have things for business leaders is self-awareness. They must be able to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are. Often, leaders are too focused on their strengths so they don’t recognize what they need to anticipate to avoid problems in business.


  1. Able to make decisions

Effective business leaders must learn to make decisions, especially in urgent situations. So when they have to take action, they understand what they have to do. Being silent and not being able to make any decisions is wrong and can make it difficult for them to manage their business.


  1. Be fair

Treating everything fairly, regardless of any situation, is a character that every business leader needs to develop. If you have not been able to be fair, you will certainly judge something based on your taste without considering whether it is useful or not. Yet in a business, everything certainly needs to be considered based on the good of all parties, not just a handful.


  1. Be enthusiastic about what is done

Do you want people to follow you? That means, you have to lead them enthusiastically. Every team member, regardless of his position, certainly has important responsibilities in your place of business. Therefore, you need to give them the right direction, for example through examples so that they can more easily understand their assignment. What is done by a leader is to show, not to ask someone.


  1. Have integrity

With the integrity you have, your team members will respect you without feeling compulsive because you are their boss. You do not need to remind them that you are the founder of this business, but enough to act and behave accordingly. Leaders who have integrity not only do good things, but also have a positive influence on their team members.


  1. Always enrich knowledge

Despite being the founder of a business, every leader still needs a lot of practice. When a CEO feels comfortable with what they have gotten, they will stop to monitor the progress of their business. In fact, this method will actually hamper business development. In addition, his colleagues will also be confused to make decisions.


  1. Creative and imaginative

The ability to express innovative ideas will make the business you run more advanced. Remember, building a business is not only focused on how much profit is earned, but also makes the business a sustainable business. So hard work alone is not enough because effective business also requires creative breakthroughs.


  1. Be ready for challenges

The final character that every business leader needs to have is to be resistant to various challenges that must be faced, including unexpected things. If you give up easily, of course you will also find it difficult to solve the problems you face. Another case if you are always motivated to complete the challenges.


An effective business leader is something that requires a process. Be an effective and optimistic businessm

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