In business, promotion is one of the things that must be done so that you can introduce your products to customers. Not only that, through attractive offers, customer loyalty will also increase. In fact, this trick is effective at attracting the attention of new potential customers.


Well, in order to run effectively, we must hold promotions properly, one of which is by holding promotions before special days. And as we know, next week we will celebrate the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Come on, hold a promotion at this moment so that your customer’s enthusiasm increases! The following eight interesting promotional ideas can be your inspiration!


1. Discounts

Discounts are indeed one of the most attractive types of promotions for customers. Who is not tempted to buy a product at a lower price than usual? Well, to welcome August 17, you can give attractive discount numbers, for example, a discount of Rp. 17,000 or a discount of 17%.


2. Free Shipping

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed made online shopping activities increase significantly. However, do you know what things can increase customer satisfaction when shopping online? Reporting from, a survey from Jakpat showed that 66% of respondents chose free shipping as their consideration for shopping at e-commerce. Well, you can try this promotion, for example, by providing free shipping for certain regions or at least a certain purchase.


3. Gift

In addition to discounts and free shipping, another type of promotion that is no less attractive among buyers is direct gifts. Especially for this promotion, you can prepare souvenirs or samples of your products as a form of appreciation for customers. That way, the level of customer loyalty can also increase.


4. Flash Sale

Well, if this one promotion is usually often found in various marketplaces. To enliven the Indonesian Independence Day later, you can also hold a flash sale for certain products. Remember, when the promotion lasts very short, which is about a few hours. However, you must offer these products at very friendly prices and in limited quantities.


5. Buy More, Save More

It is undeniable, product prices can be one of the things that make customers hesitate to shop. Therefore, try to offer customers special prices if they buy in larger quantities. For example, you can give a buy 2 get 3 promotion.


6. Free Vouchers

Did you know that promotion is one of the efforts of business actors to establish good relationships with customers? You see, business actors can give shopping vouchers to customers who buy in a certain nominal. Of course, this can also attract customers to come back to shop at your store.


7. Loyalty Points

In addition to presenting vouchers, you can also apply a system of giving points to customers. Then, these points can be collected and exchanged for various attractive prizes. Some examples include merchandise, shopping vouchers, and electronic devices.


8. Bundling Package

At a special moment, also present an exclusive package to attract more customers. For example, you can offer a bundling package at a special price. So, instead of buying these products separately, they will choose the package that you offer.


Basically, promotions have many positive impacts on the progress of your business. Therefore, don’t forget to create promotions on certain event days! And also make sure to provide one solution for all your business transactions!

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