Who says businesses cannot pursue its goal while protecting the environment? Basically, there are many business ideas that focus on the environment. Especially after going through a pandemic, public awareness to maintain the balance of nature will also increase. Here are 8 environmentally friendly business opportunities that you can try in the post pandemic era.


  1. Beauty products are environmentally friendly

Did you know that beauty products such as cosmetics and skin care can also be made from natural ingredients? Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to offer these products to potential customers. You can also convey to customers that in addition to making the display more prime, they have also contributed to protecting the environment.


  1. Accessories made from recycled

By using creativity, you can turn used items into attractive recycling accessories. Used items that you can use include patchwork, wood scraps, and plastic bottles. You can use patchwork fabric to make pillowcases or blankets. Meanwhile, you can create plastic bottles into attractive home decorations.


  1. Environmentally friendly tableware

To look for environmentally friendly business opportunities, you need to look at trends in the community. At present, many people are looking for environmentally friendly goods. Some of them are wooden cutlery, stainless straws, foldable glass and bottles, and paper straws. Well , you can also offer it to restaurant owners, shops, and cafes who want to provide environmentally friendly dining equipment.


  1. Organic vegetables and fruit

Entering the new normal period , the level of public awareness to maintain health is increasing. Therefore, you can try the opportunity to do organic vegetable and fruit cultivation. Different from conventional cultivation, cultivation of vegetables and organic plants can be done through vertical growing media or hydroponic systems.


  1. Bicycle rental

Entering the new normal period , many people tend to choose environmentally friendly transportation. Well, for those of you who want to run an environmentally friendly transportation business, you can use this situation to open a bicycle rental business. Moreover, bicycles are not only used for traveling, but are also used for sports. You can start this business by setting up a rental platform and joining a bicycle community that is holding certain events.


  1. Waste bank

This business opportunity is run by collecting dry and wet garbage from homes. Initially, the rubbish will be sorted in their respective homes. Then, the waste will be deposited, weighed, and recorded in a savings book. Once collected, waste can be recycled so it can be made into ready-to-use products, such as wallets and bags.


  1. Furniture from recycled

Have expertise in the furniture making? Secondhand goods can also be reprocessed tablets into furniture are charming and have high selling power. One of them is trash made from wood which is made into attractive home or decoration equipment. To run this business, you need to learn the characteristics of used wood and how to cut and shape it into new furniture.


  1. Eco-friendly shopping bags

The movement to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags is one of the efforts to support environmental preservation. Moreover, the government also supports this movement, one of which is through DKI Jakarta Provincial Governor Regulation no. 142 of 2019. Therefore, you can provide environmentally friendly shopping bags, for example, those made from fabric so that they can be used for a long time.


Green business is now one of the trends because the awareness of environmental preservation is increasing. As businesses, let’s contribute to preserving nature while providing a variety of environmentally friendly products for the community.


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