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Do you like making crafts? When you try it for the first time, you might feel confused or difficult. However, with a lot of practice you do, you can master the trick of making it. In addition, there are various handicrafts that can be produced and used as business opportunities.


Basically, handicrafts are a skill that has great potential to become a business opportunity. Moreover, you have mastered the appropriate knowledge and skills. You can certainly express the creative ideas you have. So, if you want to find inspiration for handmade business ideas, check out the following reviews!

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1. Sweets


Do you like to make sweets? If so, then the opportunity for a homemade snack business can be the right choice. What’s more, there are a wide variety of products that you can sell, from chocolate, cupcakes, to pastries. The sweet food business has great potential because the potential customers are diverse, ranging from those looking for self-consumption or giving to others as gifts.


2. Wood crafts


For those of you who are interested in becoming wood art craftsmen or furniture makers, then you can try this type of business. Starting from DIY habits, aka Do It Yourself, this activity can be a promising source of income. Not only that, as a wood craftsman, you can also feel your own satisfaction after successfully making a product.

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3. Photo frames


Want to sell art that is often used to perpetuate memory? You can make your own photo frames which are then sold. Use the business premises that you rent or own to display the frames that you make. Apart from that, you can also market it online to target customers. Keep in mind that photo framing does not require any formal training. However, you can take part in a wood art craft class so that your creativity is honed even more.


4. Bar Soap


Entrepreneurs who have expertise in making homemade soap can start their own business. To attract the attention of potential customers, you can use various prints that have different shapes. Meanwhile, homemade bar soap can also be made from herbal ingredients and essential oils.


5. Jewelry


Jewelry can be one of the handmade products that you sell. Moreover, the types of jewelry also vary, from bracelets to necklaces. In addition, the materials do not always have to be silver or gold, but can also be made of cloth, wood, bronze, ceramics, clay, and crystal.


6. Office stationery


Handmade goods do not only serve as decorations or displays. In fact, there are also handmade items that have practical value, such as office stationery. Some examples of office stationery products that can be sold are envelopes, paper, notebooks, and pens.


7. Candles


Candles are known as a source of light. But besides that, now the candles that are produced can also be used for aromatherapy and decoration. These candles will first be shaped and given aromatherapy according to customer requests.


8. Bags and wallets


Other handmade business opportunities that you can also try are bags and wallets. There are various materials for handmade bags and wallets, ranging from cloth to leather. Meanwhile, the results of her handmade products also vary, not just bags and wallets, such as diaper bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags, and tote bags.


Handmade businesses have many opportunities to bring innovation. When you can consistently practice and learn, your skills will be honed even more. Be a creative handmade business person and rely on technology-based business solutions with Cashlez!
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