You may often see people around you who decide to switch professions as business owners. They aim to become more independent and develop their skills in certain business industries. It is hoped that the business they run can continue to be sustainable and present innovations that suit the needs of the community.


Even though there are many business actors who want to look for sustainable business opportunities, there are also many who are interested in running a seasonal business. For example, like the many businesses that have sprung up ahead of the Chinese New Year. Come on, find out what types of businesses have the potential to generate income at this one moment!


1. Typical Chinese New Year decorations


Decorations are one of the most used things to welcome Chinese New Year. Usually, this decoration is dominated by red and gold. There are various types of decorations that are usually provided, such as lanterns, angpau trees, and Mandarin Orange trees. Of course, each decoration has its own meaning, like a lantern which is believed to ward off bad luck.


2. Angpau


In Hokkien, angpau is a gift in the form of a red envelope filled with money that is given as a gift during Chinese New Year. Giving angpau is usually done as a form of joy and hope to welcome a bright future. Since this year is the Year of the Rabbit, there will usually be many kinds of red packets with a picture of a rabbit being sold.

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3. Special Chinese New Year menu


To prepare for family gatherings, there will be many customers looking for special Chinese New Year menus. Some examples of menus to look for are poached eggs in tea, fish, and whole chickens or ducks. Apart from that, there is also a colorful salad or what is often called Yu Sheng which symbolizes prosperity.

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As with other holidays, Chinese New Year celebrations are also often carried out by giving parcels. Usually, customers will order parcels to be given to relatives, business associates, or other close people. To make it more interesting, you can make variations of the parcel starting from the price, the contents of the parcel, and the theme of the parcel.


5. Cheongsams


Cheongsam or also called Mandarin Gown is a typical women’s clothing from China. The shape is in the form of a dress that fits the body and has a typical Chinese collar. This outfit was first introduced in the 1920s in Shanghai. At that time, it was middle and upper class women who often wore Cheongsams.


6. Lucky bamboo


Apparently, Chinese New Year celebrations are not only synonymous with pastries and decorations. There are also typical plants that are often sold ahead of this one holiday, namely hockey bamboo. Usually, a plant that has the Latin name Dracaena Sanderiana is priced at varying prices, depending on its size and appearance.


7. Candied octagonal box


In Chinese belief, the number eight is a symbol of good luck. Therefore, octagonal box sweets are also often sought as a symbol of hope and good luck, both in aspects of daily life, business, and finance. There are various types of sweets that can be found, such as lotus seeds, longan, and lychee.


8. Basket cake (kue keranjang)


When celebrating Chinese New Year, this sweet cake is also one of the characteristics. The basic ingredients for making it are glutinous rice flour and sugar. Meanwhile, the presentation of kue keranjang is considered a symbol of prosperity. Usually, the cake basket business is carried out directly by the producer or through resellers.


Seasonal businesses that appear at certain moments are indeed interesting to run. You see, you can offer unique products that are characteristic of certain festive moments. Not only that, you will also learn to increase business efficiency, for example by using an EDC machine so that card transactions can be done quickly and safely.

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