Fasting month is one of the most awaited moments to do good deeds such as giving charity, reciting the Koran, and fasting. In addition, this blessed month also opens up many opportunities for those of you who want to do business or make your business grow. The reason is, there are various market needs that will increase during the month of Ramadan until Eid. So, if you run one of the following eight types of business, you can accumulate a lot of money!


1. Worship equipment


In the month of Ramadan, worship activities usually tend to increase. Therefore, those of you who provide a variety of worship equipment, can boost your sales until Eid later. There are various types of equipment that are often sought after, ranging from mukena, caps, to prayer mats.

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2. Phone credit


Although this year the community is allowed to hold an iftar event together, of course there are still friends or relatives who are far away. Now, to establish friendship with them, people can make video calls so that the need for credit will increase!


3. Muslim Clothing


Not only worship equipment that is being hunted by many buyers, Muslim clothing is no less popular as this month full of blessings. Muslim clothes can be worn on various occasions, from breaking the fast with the family to recitation.


4. Contemporary food and drink


In addition to typical Indonesian takjil such as compote and iced cantaloupe, contemporary food and drinks can also be a potential business opportunity during Ramadan. Moreover, usually the owner of this contemporary food and beverage business provides a place that customers can rent to break the fast together.

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5. Dates


This fruit that comes from Saudi Arabia has indeed become one of the typical fruits that are often consumed during the fasting month. Therefore, do not be surprised if you can try to offer dates to customers. Moreover, there are various variants of dates so you can estimate which types of dates your potential customers will like and which are affordable for them.


6. Cold drink


To quench thirst during fasting, not a few people are looking for a cold drink to break their fast. This is one good opportunity that you should not miss, which is selling cold drinks. You can provide packaged cold drinks or drinks that you process yourself, such as fruit ice or various juices.


7. Catering


Not everyone can take the time to cook dishes during sahur and iftar. Therefore, catering business actors are also one of the businesses that have the potential to increase sales during Ramadan. Moreover, usually catering entrepreneurs are needed to help prepare food at iftar events.


8. Takjil


Yup, takjil has indeed become one of the most sought-after things before breaking the fast. Usually, we can see a variety of takjil sellers, both those who only sell during the fasting month or those who do have an F&B business, but also present various menus for breaking the fast. In Indonesia, there are various types of popular takjil, such as banana compote, sweet potato compote, mixed ice, to various fried foods.


Taking advantage of the moment can indeed be one of the mainstay tricks for business people to boost sales. And in the near future, of course, the moment you shouldn’t miss is Eid. Also, make sure to provide Cashlez payment solutions to make your business even more effective!

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