To broaden horizons and develop his business, a business owner certainly needs to learn. However, does that mean he has to study in majors related to business? Of course not! In fact, there are many majors that, although not related to finance, support you to open a business. Want to know what the majors are? See the following review!

1. Education
Usually, someone who majored in education is considered to be a teacher. This is certainly not wrong, but if you pay attention, in fact graduates from the education department can also open their own businesses, namely tutoring institutions. So, they will also employ several teaching staff and then prepare a learning program at the institution.

2. Cullinary art
Culinary lovers can certainly hone their skills and knowledge in the culinary department. Here, they will get a variety of skills, ranging from cooking to baking cakes. Therefore, things that have been learned in college can be used to start a culinary business. Once you graduate, you can immediately open your own restaurant, cafe, or bakery.

3. Art
There are various business opportunities that you can take if you have great artistic skills. If for example you are good at singing and playing music, you can open your own art class. The same is true for you who are proficient in design. You can use your skills to offer design services.

4. Agribusiness
Agriculture is one of the fields that has a variety of business potential. Therefore, you who study in the agribusiness department can choose several types of agribusiness that you are interested in. When you live in a cool mountain area, then you can use it to grow various types of organic fruits and vegetables so that when harvested, the results can be purchased by supermarket owners.

5. Pharmacy
Your expertise for dispensing drugs is one of the plus points needed when you open your own pharmacy. Studying in the pharmacy department will also make you familiar with a variety of drug instructions so you can serve your customers more optimally. But remember, before you open your own business, make sure you first learn the basics of administration so that you have no trouble managing finances.

6. Aquaculture
Until now, fish is still included as one of the food sources that are sought after by the people of Indonesia. Not surprisingly, the market demand for fish is almost never lonely. Using your knowledge, you can also become a businessman doing fish farming.

7. Stock Breeding

If you want to run a business that doesn’t require a lot of operational costs, then the livestock business is one of them. In the beginning, you did need to pay money to buy cattles. But then, you only need to pay additional costs such as feed costs and maintenance costs.

8. Tourism
One business that you can play in the field of tourism is to become a tour agent. This business will make you meet new people and introduce various attractive tourist destinations to them. To run this business, it helps you also practice your skills in foreign languages.

The major we took is not the determinant of our lives because basically, it is we who determine ourselves, what we want to do. However, the department can still be one of the things that inspires us, including when opening a business.
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