As one of the creative industries, the handicraft business has great potential. Reporting from, President Joko Widodo said that the handicraft industry players could increase the value of exports while opening new jobs. For this reason, besides developing offline, these business actors also need to adapt to the online ecosystem. Usually, a handicraft business starts from a hobby. However, there are also other factors that are the reason, why you need to start a business on this sector.

1. You are experienced as an art craftsman
If you already have the skills to make art crafts, then you can use these skills to start a business. There are various artistic skills that have the potential to become business opportunities. Some of them such as sewing, knitting, painting, making handmade skin care, making candles, to sculpting. These skills can produce various handicraft products with high artistic value.

2. There is a market demand
The art craft sector has a diverse market potential, such as people who buy crafts as decorations to people who have a high interest in certain works. Therefore, the arts and crafts sector is one that has the potential to support economic growth. Especially in the digital era, as now, customers and sellers can easily connect through online platforms such as e-commerce and social media.

3. Competitive prices

Besides having enthusiasts, creative businesses can also offer products that are competitively priced. Of course, the price of a product will be adjusted to the level of difficulty of manufacture and the material used to produce the work. In addition, the price of a craft will also be determined if the craft is included in the limited edition category, or even only one item is available.

4. Ease of long distance transactions
Handicraft entrepreneurs do make their own products based on their respective expertise. However, that does not mean you do not need to utilize technology. When you have to deal with customers from out of town, you certainly need a remote payment solution. At present, Cashlez has an online payment feature, namely Cashlez Link. Through the payment link that you send, customers can transact online through their debit / credit cards.

5. Potential to develop
As an artist, you can also explore various potentials to develop the abilities and selling points of art. Some of them include using various equipment, raw materials, fabrics, and techniques. Today, you can access these things easily and affordably.

6. Can be run flexibly
The handicraft business can be started flexibly. You can adjust to your busy life. If for example you still have other activities, you can make this business as a side business. In addition, this business can also be run full time so that it becomes your main source of income.

7. Become a source of income
The art craft products that you make basically can be used as a source of income. You can start from the MSME business and offer it to craft enthusiasts. Of course, you will need time to make preparations, starting from offering examples of handicrafts and making product branding.

8. You can do various things in the field of crafts
Running a handicraft business is basically more than just following your passion. You can do various other useful things, such as holding workshops for people who are interested in making crafts, making various decorations to decorate business places, and producing a variety of satisfying works of art.

Running a handicraft business will give you the opportunity to explore the existing potential. What are you waiting for? Start your handicraft business now and make Cashlez a payment solution to make transactions easier with customers!

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